Souther Fell

The last walk of an autumn week in The Lakes and being the last day I always try to pick something easy and as easterly as possible to get on the M6 quickly. The 6 plus hour drive to Plymouth necessitates leaving late afternoon, so you miss the worst of the traffic around Manchester and Birmingham. The weather looked poor for the final day though, with possible dry spells from midday onwards. I decided a quick trip to Keswick for a coffee was needed before heading to Mungrisdale and a walk into Bannerdale. Depending on the weather it would either be a sharp climb up the east ridge to Bannerdale Crags and then Bowscale Fell. Or if the weather was poor Souther Fell would be the target. As it was the weather got slightly worse, the cloud lower as the day went on so Souther Fell it was.

Start – Mungrisdale
Route – River Glenderamackin – Mousthwaite Comb – Souther Fell – Mungrisdale
Distance – 4.5 miles    Start time – Midday     Time taken –  2 3/4 hrs    Highest Point – Souther Fell 522m
Weather – Low cloud, some drizzle and a bit windy
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Souther Fell 1

Heading out from Mungrisdale, The Tongue dead ahead and the lower slopes of Souther Fell left

Souther Fell 2

Souther Fell left along the good path that leads into Bannerdale

Souther Fell 3

Looking back to Mungrisdale

Souther Fell 4

Decision time coming up, Bannerdale Crags straight ahead, or do I go round to the left to Mousthwaite Comb.

Souther Fell 6

The River Glenderamackin snaking its way towards Mungrisdale, the cloud is getting lower!

Souther Fell 5

I made my way further round and decided at this point that Bannerdale Crags could wait for another day. Souther Fell was the choice.

Souther Fell 7

Rain drenched house for this little fella!

Souther Fell 8

At Mousthwaite Comb, Souther Fell up on the right. On a good day this must be a great place to be. Sharp Edge to the left and behind me here. The A66 directly behind me and the Vale of Keswick and this view down to Bannerdale.

Souther Fell 9

Looking back to Mousthwaite Comb as I climb Souther Fell

Souther Fell 10

Bannerdale Crags

Souther Fell 11

All of a sudden the cloud filled Mousthwaite Comb and spilled into Bannerdale below me

Souther Fell 12

The cloud was below this shot as I look from Souther Fell summit cairn to Bannerdale Crags

Souther Fell 13

A murky Souther Fell summit

Souther Fell 14

Bannerdale Crags and the east ridge climb, another day!

Souther Fell 15

Cloud rolls along Bannerdale and below The Tongue

Souther Fell 16

Mungrisdale is down there somewhere!!

Souther Fell 17

Aha, there it is!

Souther Fell 18

Final look at The Tongue as I reach Mungrisdale, the path here takes an out and back away from Mungrisdale to cross a bridge before returning to the village. Signs from the farmer say that the land is private and must not be crossed to the village

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