Mellbreak and Hen Comb

After the Tuesday walk up around High Street I was pretty drained. The heat was tough to walk in and to make matters worse the breeze that was present in the Lake District had completely disappeared on the Wednesday. Thursday arrived and the haze was pretty thick, I had planned on a route that took in Blencathra, Bowscale Fell, Bannerdale and Mungrisdale Common however the weather said the best of the breaks would be in the west, so I headed for Loweswater. To be fair the weather at Loweswater was not too dissimilar to Keswick, in that it was very humid, hazy and warm. Whilst on Hen Comb I could see rain sweeping through over Fellbarrow, which along with Low Fell was going to be another option for me today. The only reason I didn’t was the view along Crummock and Buttermere from Low Fell would have been non existent with so much haze. The walk I chose was a good one, Mellbreak is a cracking little fell, the route up the steep northern face does involved a fair bit of a scramble up the scree, but its better up than it would be down. Floutern Moss was my favourite part, I’m glad the weather had been dry as I can imagine this area is boggy in the wet. The walk down from Hen Comb is also lovely, with all of Loweswater spread out below you. A quick pint in the Kirkstile Inn to finish is a fine bonus to the end of this walk which takes me to 130, where I will stay until I get up to the Lakes at the end of July.

Start – Loweswater, Red phone box
Route – Mellbreak south top – Mellbreak north top – Scale Knott – Floutern Moss – Hen Comb – Little Dodd – Loweswater, Kirkstile Inn
Distance – 6.5 miles    Start time – 9.45am     Time taken –  5hrs 30 minutes  Highest Point – Mellbreak north top 512metres
Weather – Some sun, overcast at times, very hazy and humid

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Mellbreak and its steep northern face, you go up the right hand edge. Hen Comb at the back

In view for lots of walks around this area is Whiteside left and Grasmoor right. Both in cloud at the moment

The unhelpful sign

I’d popped out of those trees down there and took a first proper look up the face I would be climbing. Took a big gulp and headed for the scree. As you can see its pretty steep. There is a more gentle path on the OS maps which rises between the two tops into the saddle, this might be a more preferable route up for some

Whiteside frees itself from cloud across Crummock Water

In the Wainwright books he talks about a “peep round the corner”. Well this is it, along Crummock Water to Rannerdale Knotts, however Fleetwith Pike which would normally be in view is covered with haze

Loweswater with Carling Knott to the left and Low Fell to the right, plenty of green fields below

The north top summit, not the high point nor the wainwright. but some good views to Blake Fell and Gavel Fell

Hen Comb looking dark from here and Starling Dodd just to the left of the cairn

Walking to the south top I get a fuller view of Hen Comb

The cairn at the south top is pretty poor but this is it. Wainwright number 129 for me. Looking to Red Pike and High Stile which is clearing the cloud

Great Borne left, Hen Comb centre and Gavel Fell right from the south top

Dropping down the Scale Knott the views along Crummock and Buttermere open up. Fleetwith Pike at the far end

Scale Knott just down there and some magnificent scenery beyond

Floutern Moss. I have to say this place reminded me of Dartmoor, pretty wet and the potential for boggy sections. That’s Great Borne up on the left, the small pointy fell in the middle is Floutern Cop and Hen Comb up on the right

Looking out along Mosedale to Low Fell. Hen Comb left and Mellbreak right

Other than coming up from Little Dodd it is a steep climb to Hen Comb. Looking back towards Buttermere with Red Pike to the right and Pillar back right now in view

Mellbreak with Grasmoor beyond

The rain sweeps across Fellbarrow and Low Fell

Down into Mosedale and the steep sided Mellbreak

Looking back to Hen Comb as I descend, Red Pike and Starling Dodd behind

Darling Fell and Low Fell from the lonning back to Loweswater

As at the start the north face of Mellbreak and Hen Comb to the right


6 thoughts on “Mellbreak and Hen Comb

    • I was a little surprised by the place. The path over Floutern Moss i lovely in the dry and it seems to link Crummock Water to Ennerdale which would be a great linear walk. Pretty sure its called something like Floutern pass but I might be wrong

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever climbed those hills. They look well worth a visit. Hard work in the hot and sticky weather we had!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sweating is not the word!! Think I drank two litres by the time I’d got to Floutern Moss!! Mellbreak is excellent, Hen Comb is a bit dull but Great Borne from the back side looks interesting, very craggy

      Liked by 1 person

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