Pil Tor

It had been over a fortnight since my last walk in The Lake District on Souther Fell and I needed to get out. The problem was in that time the rain had pounded down for 2 weeks solid and there was no sign of a halt. Enough was enough though and a simple walk around some tors near to Haytor would suffice. If the weather got really bad I could bail out at a number of spots or extend it to 10 miles if I wanted. As it was I did an easy 5 miles and washed away any rust that I had!!

Start – Cold East Cross
Route – Buckland BeaconTen Commandments StonesWittaburrowTunhill RocksPil Tor – Cold East Cross
Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  4 hrs    Highest Point – Pil Tor 415m
Weather – Low cloud, drizzle, generally miserable!!
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Pil Tor 1

Cold East Cross car park with Rippon Tor behind, its summit just in the clouds

Pil Tor 2

Wittaburrow in the centre with Pil Tor to the right (also in the clouds!)

Pil Tor 3

Buckland Beacon ahead

Pil Tor 4

Hmmm, rain!

Pil Tor 5

River Dart valley from Buckland Beacon

Pil Tor 6

The Ten Commandments Stones

Pil Tor 7

Leaving Buckland Beacon and another band of rain threatens

Pil Tor 8

Crossing one of the brooks that lead into the Dart, I’m heading out to the left of this picture through the woods.

Pil Tor 9

Looking back at the woods I’ve been through with Buckland Beacon to the left

Pil Tor 10

On Wittaburrow now with Rippon Tor showing its summit, Haytor just visible in the distance

Pil Tor 11

All misty on Pil Tor from Wittaburrow

Pil Tor 12

Even Buckland Beacon has a cloudy top now!

Pil Tor 13

Heading first for Tunhill Rocks to the left and then to Pil Tor to the right

Pil Tor 14

Wittaburrow from Tunhill Rocks

Pil Tor 15

Good job Pil Tor isn’t far!

Pil Tor 16

On Pil Tor with Wittaburrow and behind left is Buckland Beacon

Pil Tor 17

Top Tor…… just

Pil Tor 18

Pil Tor and Top Tor. At this point I’d had enough and was heading for the car

Pil Tor 19

Wittaburrow left, Tunhill Rocks can just be seen in the dip centre with Pil Tor in the cloud again right.


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