Hucken Tor

The weather was good (I don’t like to say too hot as I only moan when the weather is inclement!) and we decided a quick picnic on the moor followed by a walk was in order. We ate at Cadover Bridge with the boys having a dunk in the river, not intentional, more they fell in!! We then headed up to Merrivale for a quick walk around Hucken Tor. I should have used the path south out of Merrivale and then headed up through the trees to Hucken Tor, but I thought I knew best and we waded through knee high bracken, gorse and streams instead!! I know for next time. After Hucken Tor we headed back to Merrivale stone circle as the sun was setting behind the clouds.

Start – Merrivale
Route – Lower slopes of Kings Tor – Hucken TorLittle Kings Tor – Kings TorMerrivale Stone Circle and Row – Merrivale
Distance – 2 1/2 miles    Start time – 7.20pm     Time taken –  1 hr 40mins    Highest Point – Kings Tor 380m
Weather – Evening sunshine and blue skies
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Hucken Tor 1

As we start out I look back to the Walkham Valley with Great Staple Tor on the left

Hucken Tor 2

Pew Tor to the left with Vixen Tor sticking up on the right. Vixen Tor is still on private land and off limits currently

Hucken Tor 3

Wider view of the Staple Tors, Roos Tor back right

Hucken Tor 4

Having decided I’d definitely gone the hard way, we look up to the lower slopes of Kings Tor

Hucken Tor 5

On Kings Tor now looking back to Great Mis Tor on the right and the Staple Tors left with the Walkham Valley in between

Hucken Tor 6

The top of Kings Tor catches the sun with North Hessary Tor and the Princetown mast behind

Hucken Tor 7

Gandalf the green and his staff decides that “Non shall pass”!! We’re not going that way anyway!

Hucken Tor 8

Looking south towards Leeden Tor and Sharpitor

Hucken Tor 9

Next we cross the stile over the wall down there, and head for the clump of trees middle right of the photo. The Walkham Valley continues southwards

Hucken Tor 10

At the trees now and this is the wall at the top of Hucken Tor, they’ve decided to head back already!!

Hucken Tor 11

The top of Hucken Tor, looking to Sharpitor

Hucken Tor 12

Looking back to Hucken Tor, with a silhouetted Pew Tor in the distance

Hucken Tor 13

Merrivale menhir is reached after passing Kings Tor

Hucken Tor 14

The Staple Tors behind the menhir

Hucken Tor 15

We head through the Merrivale stone circle with Kings Tor and the menhir behind

Hucken Tor 16

The first of the stone rows at Merrivale. North Hessary Tor and the mast also in shot

Hucken Tor 17

and the second stone row

Hucken Tor 18

The sky at the end of the day


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