The ridge above Lustleigh

After a night out on the beer (other refreshments are available!) I needed a walk the next day. The mind was willing but the body was weak, so it took me until 4pm to get myself together and get out the door. My navigational skills do not improve with a hangover, so it took me a while to find the right track out of Lustleigh so I could head up to the roadside parking below Sharpitor. To be honest it wouldn’t have been a hassle to park in Lustleigh and head from there (plus there is a superb pub in the village, The Cleave). Parking sorted, I headed out up a steepish path to Sharpitor (covered in trees) and onto the ridge (covered in bracken!!). This didn’t improve my overall feeling and mood! However I do this walk a dis-service, its a cracking little place, not very high but the views are immense. None more so than from Harton Chest which goes into my top 5 tors/places on Dartmoor. Well worth it.

Start – Roadside below Sharpitor
Route – SharpitorRavens TorFoxworthy Tor –  Hunters TorHarton ChestHammerslake Tor – Roadside below Sharpitor
Distance – 2 1/2 miles    Start time – 5pm     Time taken –  1 hr 30mins    Highest Point – Between Ravens Tor and Hunters Tor 325m
Weather – White fluffy clouds and sunshine
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Hunters Tor 1

The parking spots (wider road!) are just behind me, I’m heading up the path signposted on the left

Hunters Tor 2

Into the woodland below Sharpitor

Hunters Tor 3

These are the lower parts to the tor, actually no. This is Hammerslake Tor

Hunters Tor 4

The top is in the trees to the left of this photo but the view as you pop up here captures all of your attention. Hound Tor in the distance

Hunters Tor 5

As you walk towards Harton Chest you get glimpses of the views, as the path suddenly opens out

Hunters Tor 6

Looking across again to Hound Tor

Hunters Tor 7

After a bit of a battle with the bracken I come out into open ground near to Ravens Tor

Hunters Tor 8

This isn’t the top of Ravens Tor but its not far off, the actual tor is down the hill a bit, but this is close enough

Hunters Tor 9

The top of the tor is just over there to the right, with Easdon Tor beyond

Hunters Tor 10

From Ravens Tor to (r to l) Hayne Down, Hound Tor, Rippon Tor and Haytor peeking out above Black Hill

Hunters Tor 11

Ravens Tor on the left with Lustleigh Cleave down on the right, I get a better look at that later.

Hunters Tor 12

For now I’m on Hunters Tor looking in the same direction as the previous photo

Hunters Tor 13

The view north from Hunters Tor has that wow factor on a day like this. Cosdon Beacon is the high point on the left

Hunters Tor 14

Bit of zoom shows the upright Bowermans Nose on Hayne Down

Hunters Tor 15

Cosdon Beacon on the right with Easdon Tor in the centre

Hunters Tor 16

Looking back to Hunters Tor

Hunters Tor 17

As I head forward towards Harton Chest

Hunters Tor 18

Back into woodland, this is the top of Harton Chest, however if you walk past this rock to the left and head out another 5 metres or so you end up perched……….

Hunters Tor 19

……Here!!!!!!!! Above the canopy of Lustleigh Cleave looking across to Black Hill and Hound Tor. The drop off the edge of this boulder is 50 or so metres and the boulder is circular and about 4m in diameter.

Hunters Tor 20

I was sat taking most of these photos!! Great view along the cleave

Hunters Tor 21

You can see Harton Chest boulder in the centre of the photo peeking out over the trees and from here its a case of retracing your steps past Sharpitor and Hammerslake Tor to the car


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