Lydford Gorge (again!!)

I must be getting a fondness for this place, this is my 3rd visit this year. Its a great walk for when the cloud is down on the moors or you fancy something with a tea room at the start and also halfway round!! This is obviously a National Trust spot so being a member makes it a cheaper day out. I love this place especially the tunnel falls in the middle and the rocky path along the bottom, after rain the waterfalls can be spectacular  This was the last walk before another week in the Lakes and some lofty high places, meaning my appetite for tors and open spaces was not as strong as previous weeks. With it being the bank holiday weekend the place was busy and the car parks were pretty full. But once you are on the trail there is plenty of space for everyone. The path around this gorge isn’t for everyone, if you are in doubt take the top path first as that is the easier trail, with some steps and steep rises. If you manage that easily then the bottom path should be possible as that is more rocky with handrails and steep steps alongside the river. Its an exhilarating place.

Start – Lydford Gorge main car park
Route – Lydford Gorge top path – White Lady Falls – Lower path through gorge – Tunnel Falls – Ravens Tor – Devils Cauldron – Main car park
Distance –  4 miles    Start time – 12.30pm     Time taken –  2hrs 30mins (including tearoom lunch)  Highest Point – N/A
Weather – The sun did put in an appearance through the trees. Humid and warm down in the gorge.
lydford-map.png (620×475)

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

As you start out you get the odd open view across green fields

This is the top path through the gorge, there are some steps but its a simpler path than the rocky lower one

Openings to the gorge below

The path down to White Lady falls, I recommend the longer gentler path

White Lady falls

The bridge over the River Lyd at the bottom

Plenty of people on this bank holiday Sunday

Sunshine through the trees, it was pretty warm down here

Idyllic glades, the lower path can be seen on the right

Tunnel Falls

And the tunnel

This is pixie glen with the taller trees and slightly more open area

Before you enter into the narrow gorge to see Devils Cauldron

Part of Devil’s Cauldron

Lydford Bridge above the falls

Heading back to the car park and you get a glimpse down to the pixie glen area of the lower path before reaching the tearoom at this end


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