Lydford Gorge and Ravens Tor

I always try to get to Lydford Gorge most years. Its a very simple walk, just follow the well made path along one side, the high path and then visit White Lady Waterfall, before walking the lower path alongside the River Lyd to Devils Cauldron. The lower path can be slippery when wet (or Bon Jovi as I call it), but with care its a good walk of around 3 miles. There hadn’t been much rain in the weeks running up to this however there was still a fair bit of water running along through the Tunnel Falls. We started from the less obvious end (away from the main National Trust entrance), and tackled the White Lady Waterfall and lower path first. This was because of road works through Lydford which meant the main entrance could not be accessed. Another lovely walk with the boys and no doubt I will be back soon.

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Starting out, this path drops down to the White Lady Waterfall

Here she is, the White Lady. With the boys in front

Despite very little rain there is still a decent fall of water

The bouncy rope bridge is at the bottom of the waterfall. Turn right at the end of the bridge to follow the path.

Standing on the bridge, looking along the River Lyd

Me and the boys

Lots of green trees at this time of year.

The path goes over a wooden bridge as we reach the Tunnel Falls. Ravens Tor up on the left.

The falls here have ground out a swirl in the rock

The tunnel below Ravens Tor

The path this side is pretty rocky and runs close to the river

Very peaceful down by the Lyd

That tree is free standing and not holding on to anything else. Surely any sort of breeze will drop that one.

Looking out from the narrowing gorge as we reach Devils Cauldron. The leaning tree beyond.

The road bridge above Devils Cauldron which is down to my left.

My youngest could only think of Jurassic Park 3 when he came to these gates

Looking down from the higher path to the river and the leaning tree.

Ravens Tor from the higher path across the gorge.

The higher path

The steep sided gorge below from an opening in the trees


Oh and I nearly forgot, these lot lifted old big ears for the 6th time, what a night


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