Calf Crag and Steel Fell

This was our 3rd walk in 3 days, and surprisingly our longest. The walk out to Calf Crag is much further than it looks on a map, however the path we took meant that the distance was just a sideshow. Greenburn Bottom is a gem of a place and will easily go in my top 10 Lakeland spots, its completely secluded, very few people will go there and its gorgeous, especially in the sun. We sat for 20 minutes warming ourselves and enjoying the silence. The walk up to the ridge was a bit boggy and tricky in places and this continued to Calf Crag and then on to Steel Fell. The return down Cotra Breast was superb, all that was missing was a few jets passing us on their low flying journey up Thirlmere. As we were staying in Grasmere it seemed obvious to walk near to the house and as we had already done Helm Crag and Gibson Knott previously we had these two to tick off. We could also have bagged Armboth Fell but that one might be left until next year.

Start – Layby on A591
Route – Town Head – Helmside – Greenburn Bottom – Pike of Carrs – Calf Crag – Steel Fell – Cotra Breast – Helmside – A591
Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 11am    Time taken – 4hrs   Highest Point – Steel Fell 553metres
Weather – Sunny with some cloud, but still pretty warm.

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Off we go, heading round and past Town Head cottages and farm. That’s Steel Fell up above the farm. We will also be walking past the white house up to the left.

Steel Fell now up on our right as we reach the point were the two paths split. We could head right up Cotra Breast to Steel Fell. Or, as we did, go straight on heading into Greenburn

As we climb past a few waterfalls I turn to look back out of the valley

Helm Crag above us.

Greenburn Bottom and the boys, utter seclusion

We crossed Green Burn itself at these stepping stones and sat in the sun on the bank to the left and enjoyed our surroundings. The path heads slowly up left through the bracken for a while before turning sharply up to gain the ridge from Gibson Knott to Calf Crag.

A fair bit of huffing and puffing (mainly by me, the boys were like mountain goats!!) brought us to the ridge, we turned here towards Calf Crag. That’s Grasmere lake in the distance in front of Loughrigg Fell

Looking left across to Steel Fell, backed by Dollywaggon Pike and Fairfield

The Calf Crag summit

Steel Fell in the sunshine from Calf Crag. Seat Sandal also has the sun behind

The valley below is Far Easedale and another possible route up to this fell

Greenup Edge behind Calf Crag and an unnamed tarn

Helvellyn was on our itinerary this week as well and we get a good look at it from here across the top of a tarn we will pass on the way to Steel Fell

Summit selfie. 3 very happy people in the place they love.

Fantastic view and photo down into Greenburn Bottom as we traverse around to Steel Fell (on the left)

The tarn I mentioned we would pass and the Helvellyn Massif behind

Happy boys on Steel Fell, Thirlmere stretching away behind them and Blencathra in view beyond Thirlmere

Steel Fell surprised me with a slightly lumpy summit area, it was also very wide which made for no plunging views down. These would come as we walked towards the descent. Helm Crag is straight ahead, then Loughrigg Fell and Windermere at the back.

Looking back to the tarn we passed earlier and the ridge around to Calf Crag. The Langdale Pikes are back left in the sun, with the area around High Raise (Langdale) in the centre back.

A part of Tarn Crag (Easedale) catches the sun with the Coniston Fells in view away back left

Here is the descent down Cotra Breast, the boys are already starting down it. The views are great down here all along Dunmail

Helm Crag up to the right and the path down

Looking back into Greenburn Bottom

Striding out along Cotra Breast

Down now and looking back up at what we had just done

Back at the A591 with Steel Fell up on the right and Gibson Knott to the left. A fab walk and glad we took this option and route.


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