Helm Crag and Gibson Knott

This was our fourth walk in 4 days, all of about the same length. Unlike the other walks though we didn’t stay dry on this one thanks to a heavy shower as we left Helm Crag. This is an iconic walk in the Lake District, the Lion and the Lamb (as seen best from the Swan pub on the A591 below), leaving from Grasmere climbing up from Easedale. The ridge along from Helm Crag terminates at Calf Crag another mile on from Gibson Knott, however the rain put us off continuing and we dropped down into Far Easedale after returning halfway back from Gibson Knott. In hindsight we should have dropped down the other side towards Helmside on a better path. The path we chose started well but became a running stream, which was pretty slippy and required care to get down safely. Still once down Far Easedale is a stunning valley, not the longest I’ll grant you, but it feels very remote and in the sunshine it was beautiful. Back in Grasmere we visited Sam Read’s brilliant bookshop, well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Start – Grasmere
Route – Easedale – Helm Crag – Gibson Knott – Far Easedale – Easedale – Grasmere
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  4hrs    Highest Point – Gibson Knott 420m
Weather – Cloudy, one heavy shower between Helm Crag and Gibson Knott
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Helm Crag 1

Helm Crag stands high over Easedale, we have stayed in the house on the left of shot, Little Parrock

Helm Crag 2

After Little Parrock the path climbs through the woods, once out of the trees you get your first glimpse back to Grasmere (lake) with Loughrigg Fell behind

Helm Crag 3

One of the rocky outcrops higher up the path gives an even better view, at this point planes and pilots were practicing their low flying techniques up the Thirlmere valley and we could see them passing over Grasmere

Helm Crag 4

From the same point I look across Easedale to Tarn Crag with Sour Milk Gill waterfall below

Helm Crag 5

As you round the front of Helm Crag you get this cracking view down to Grasmere village and the lake

Helm Crag 6

Looking north eastwards to Seat Sandal (left), Fairfield and Great Rigg

Helm Crag 7

Racing up Helm Crag!!

Helm Crag 8

I stop them both for a picture of that view. At this point any planes passing were below our eye line and tough to spot against the fellside opposite!

Helm Crag 9

The Coniston hills in the far distance, and the back side of the Langdale Pikes to the right

Helm Crag 10

On the top of The Lion, the dip of Dunmail Raise behind the boys, with Steel Fell catching the sun to the left, Seat Sandal to the right

Helm Crag 11

From the Lion down to Grasmere with Loughrigg Fell beyond

Helm Crag 12

At the back is the Langdale Pikes with Harrison Stickle standing proudest, To the right of that in the sun is the area around Sergeant Man and High Raise. Easedale Tarn is also now in view which feeds the water to Sour Milk Gill

Helm Crag 13

The Howitzer stands behind the Lion and the Lamb and is the highest point on Helm Crag

Helm Crag 14

From the Howitzer looking back to the Lion and the Lamb. I found it easiest to climb it from this side starting from the right hand side of the photo and following the sloping rock up

Helm Crag 15

The camera was stowed as the rains came, here we are now on Gibson Knott looking back to Helm Crag, Easedale down to the right

Helm Crag 16

The sun is out now, Easedale Tarn still in view as are the Langdale Pikes and Tarn Crag in the sun across the valley

Helm Crag 17

Told you it had rained! Gibson Knott summit

Helm Crag 18

We head back to the dip in between the two fells and then head off to the right on the grassy path

Helm Crag 19

Far Easedale in glorious sunshine and Tarn Crag up to the left. We had dried a bit by now however the wet bracken was doing its best to keep us damp!

Helm Crag 20

Easedale, looking towards Grasmere

Helm Crag 21

Sour Milk Gill, we could hear the waterfall from here. We are now on the path from Stythwaite Steps back into Grasmere

Helm Crag 22

Lovely Easedale

Helm Crag 23

Back at Little Parrock now as we walk the last mile back into Grasmere and the bookshop


2 thoughts on “Helm Crag and Gibson Knott

    • Its a fairly simple walk from Grasmere for sure. You can extend the walk as far as you want as well, round to Steel Fell or Tarn Crag, making about 8 or 9 miles in total both bring you back to Grasmere. Shame I stopped on Gibson knott really but the bonus is I get to go back and complete Calf Crag/Stell Fell etc another time!

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