100,000 up again

The last time I wrote with this title it was to thank those that visited my site and helped me reach 100,000 views. That was mid 2019 and can be found here. Now I’m writing again, to thank for the next 100,000 which I’ve got to within 2020 alone (by November to be exact). I can only thank you all for spending your time coming to look at my site during this year and I hope it has brought a little bit of joy and pleasure, either in my photos or my ramblings on the weather. To get that number during this year, especially this year, is truly humbling and it shows the need we all have for that outside space. When I look at the numbers over the year, the jump in May was stratospheric and it just kept going up in June and then July. It seems that more people took advantage of what was around them or wanting to staycation in the South West and I hope they enjoyed themselves. Thank you all.

So many photos to consider to show what I have seen. After the winter had passed we found ourselves locked in. One form of exercise a day but all around us nature moved on, including these rape fields near to home as I tried my best to keep varying walks in what was the same area.

The coast, this year was the year I took on the South West Coastal path, not all in one go but in day walks, it’s going to take me years but this year you will have seen plenty of these

A sunset walk, always good during the summer months

I’ve learnt more about these fellas this year (this is a Gatekeeper) and if you are a walker like me keep an eye out for them

Plenty of walks with these two. No Lake District this year but we’ve done lots in the South West.

Including this place, the Tank Museum at Bovington. Absolutely brilliant

And camping, although it took until September for us to get out.

And finally a picture of Dartmoor, over this last 5 years on this website you will have seen lots of it with me. Whether it be knee deep in a bog, on the highest tors, woodlands, rocks and lovely valleys. This place is still my default and is the main reason people keep looking at this site. So to the 100,000 in 2020. Thank you from me and thank you to Dartmoor for bringing them here.


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