100,000 up

I wasn’t sure whether to write anything about this, however it is a bit of a milestone for the blog and website so I figure a thank you is needed to you, the readers. Thank you all, from the humble beginnings of a newly emerging Dartmoor tor or rocky outcrop this website has become a decent sized tor formation, something like Roos Tor (see pic below). Hopefully I can continue to pass on my walks, views and experiences to all for many years to come, and my passion for Dartmoor is still as strong as it ever was, especially now that I drive across a small corner of it to get to work.

This website started in 2015 and has grown since, firstly starting out as a walking website, with links to the tors that I visit on my rambles on the way around. It is still firstly and mostly a Dartmoor walking website, but I’ve added points of interest, favourite places and other walking areas to this site. Allowing for a bit of variety, in fact I’ll be heading to the Lake District very soon so I’ll be writing about that on my return.

During June I noticed that I’d reached and passed 95,000 views on the website, and I set about working out when I would reach the 100,000 milestone. Well that happened on 22nd July and I’m half in shock, half humbled that so many people would take their time to have a look at my ramblings, to be exact there have been over 30,000 of you over the last 4 years. I hope that the information on the website helps people to walk safely on Dartmoor, in the same way that a Lake District website I use does for me. Seeing pictures of a walk allows those unfamiliar to get an idea of terrain, a map shows were walking is possible, especially if the path is not on the OS map. These types of websites for me are a life saver, and I’ve tried to replicate this for Dartmoor.

I hope that all the readers of the website continue to do so and I hope that the information has helped you or inspired you to get out into our great landscape here in the south west or anywhere else I have been. Thank you all again, without you I would never have got this far with the site.

Happy walking everyone and stay safe


Stephen Foster


8 thoughts on “100,000 up

  1. Well done and certainly your blog has been my source of info for when I take a walk on the moor. Mine went through the magic 100k mark earlier this year. I reckon all us bloggers try and pretend that we just do it for the love of writing but secretly we all check the stats and get a little buzz when we see a busy day of views or pass a magic milestone 😀

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    • Absolutely, certainly over the last month or two I’ve been keeping an eye. It never fails to make me scratch my head as to why certain posts get far more traffic than any other. I’ve got one walk around Fox Tor mire that has well over 4 times more views than any other

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