A Combestone Tor sunset

This isn’t a walk but just an evening drive out to catch a sunset after a hot day, so if you like a sunset then this will be your thing. This is a popular spot, even at 9.30 at night. Tripods were out for the other few out here to catch the sun. Myself, well I wandered around looking for some good photos, but mainly I enjoyed the sunset. I also managed a quick drive back and run around Tesco, for a late shop on the way home. A fine end to the day.

I drove to Combestone Tor, not my normal sunset destination but I fancied somewhere different from my normal place on Pork Hill/Cox Tor. These two were keeping a close eye on all the tripods and folk gathering for the sunset

Combestone Tor and a view north to the high spots around Cut Hill

Sharp Tor on the other side of the Dart Valley

Into the sun

The Dart Valley again, with Yar Tor and Corndon Tor over to the right

Princetown mast is on the left as I look into the sun again

Combestone Tor and the sunset. It had been a very hot day and it wasn’t cooling very much even up here on Dartmoor

Starting to set now and that’s Beardown Tors that are the sun’s destination

All peaceful across Dartmoor

A strip of cloud changes the intensity of sunset

A hawthorn and the sunset

Bellever Tor

Nearly gone now. Beardown Tors are silhouetted

Bit of zoom.

Last one before a dart to Tesco!

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