Low Fell and Fellbarrow

So this was the first real walk in the Lakes on this holiday, it was the day after the wedding, so we weren’t really up and at it first thing. Still we left the house around 10am to head across the Whinlatter Pass to the parking which is roadside along the side of Loweswater. Booted up we were off up the path signposted for Mosser Fell, heading first for Fellbarrow. The sides of Fellbarrow involve plenty of bracken but there are a couple of paths through it and once on top we could take advantage of the slight breeze. This week was the start of the extremely hot weather at the start of August, the south was already burning in 30+ degrees and the Lakes was due to follow, this day rose to mid twenties so apart from the end it wasn’t too bad. The walk from Fellbarrow to Low Fell is the real highlight of this walk with the ever improving views ahead and really good views to the left over the Vale of Lorton. Once you get near to Low Fell the views really open up down along Crummock Water to Buttermere, backed by Haystacks and the High Stile ridge. Our route back was aimed at avoiding the boggy ground between Low Fell and Darling Fell, and trying not to ascend Darling Fell in the heat. In the end we chose to head behind Darling Fell as I wasn’t sure there was a path around the front (Buttermere side) which circled its base. The marked path on the map goes straight up and down crossing the fell, and it was just too warm to consider it, we did manage to pick up sheep paths on our route before joining a good grassy path back to the Mosser Fell road. A lovely little walk this one which I was keen to do in good clear weather to get those views down from Low Fell, they are well worth the effort to get them.

Start – Roadside parking Waterend

Route – Askhill – Mosser Fell – Fellbarrow – Smithy Fell – Low Fell – Mosser Fell – Askhill – Waterend

Distance – 6miles    Start time – 10.45am   Time taken – 4hrs 30mins  Highest Point – Low Fell 423m

Weather – Sunny and hot, some cloud to bring the temp down a bit

© Crown copyright 2022 Ordnance Survey FL 2022 SF
Starting out from the parking spots, Mellbreak looming large over there
The fingerpost sign for the Mosser Fell road, Darling Fell behind
Carling Knott left and Burnbank Fell right. Blake Fell at the back
And again from higher up as we head for Mosser Fell
Starting to warm up, lots of water to consume on a day like this. Suncream and hats are compulsory
Meadow Brown, this one looks like he’s been in a scrap
Looks out of the Lakes towards the coast and west. Long distance views were a bit hazy at times today
Layers of fells to the south, Darling Fell is the one nearest as we climb to Fellbarrow
The clouds kept coming in, providing welcome shade at times and also creating great shadows for the photos.
Refreshments at the top of Fellbarrow, this is at the wind shelter with the trig behind us
Whiteside and Grasmoor on the left from Fellbarrow, more of those two on a future walk
You want to take a summit photo and these two are clowning around
Vale of Lorton, Skiddaw back left
Pointy Hopegill Head at the back, Whiteside on the right
Our path towards Smithy Fell and Low Fell
Walking past Smithy Fell and you get this great view down towards Thackthwaite across the Vale of Lorton
Looking back to Fellbarrow
That view in front is getting better and better. Low Fell on the right
Oh yes, just fantastic. Grasmoor on the left looks massive compared to Rannerdale Knotts beside Crummock Water
Bilberries, lots of them, he doesn’t show his tongue which was purple
That view again from the top of Low Fell. The boys were drawn to Mellbreak on the right, which I told them is ascended up the front via a scree slope. So many fells in this view
The Vale of Lorton looking resplendent
The might Grasmoor on the right and Whiteside left
Boys at the top of Low Fell
After some hopping of a stream and contouring around a bog to miss the up and down over Darling Fell we finally hit a good grassy path to take us to the Mosser Fell road
It was warm walking across here as we look out towards the Cumbria coast
Burnbank Fell in sunshine as we near the car
“Can I borrow your camera” he said, what could possibly go wrong I said, the result was this!!
Glorious final photo catching a bit of Loweswater, Mellbreak left and Carling Knott right. We’d done the right thing on this walk, it was hot but we stayed low, and not too long. Took more than enough water and finished mid afternoon and got back for cooling showers before tea. A great walk which takes me to 187 done.

8 thoughts on “Low Fell and Fellbarrow

  1. Haven’t been that way for an extremely long time. Looked like a fine choice of route for the conditions, giving storming views down Buttermere. Good to see the boys having a good time larking about.

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  2. I’ve not been up that part of the Lakes very often. It always seems to far for a there and back in a day walk. Looking at your photos (and remembering a 2 stay in Buttermere BC,) i need to make an effort!

    Liked by 1 person

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