A circuit of Buttermere

Time for another low level walk from my week in The Lakes and this one is a classic. I’ve been and done this one once before, on a glorious crisp February day (here). Today wasn’t quite like that but the quality of the views and surrounding fells make it a joy. I’d saved the walk until the afternoon in the hope that the forecasted sun would make an appearance, however I learnt quickly that the forecaster hadn’t got one day right from 4 so far. These low level walks tend to be added in when the weather isn’t good enough to go up high, for me I’d give them more respect. They offer views just as good as getting up high and tend to offer riches, in terms of history, around their routes that you don’t get on top of a mountain. For me this walk, Aira Force and the Easedale Tarn walk from Grasmere are a must for those walking the Wainwrights. Don’t miss them out in the quest to tick them all on the list!!

Start – Buttermere village (Newlands Pass road)
Route – Burtness Wood – Peggy’s Bridge – Gatesgarth – Hassness – Buttermere village
Distance –  4 miles    Start time – 2.40pm     Time taken –  2 hrs 20mins      Highest Point – N/A
Weather – Grey skies but great views

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

I’ve parked a bit up the Newlands valley road today (the road was closed to traffic due to roadworks at Keskedale). Walking back down the road to start the walk you have the small village in front of you. The church is on the right with High Stile and Red Pike forming the backdrop

I’ll never tire of this view, there are plenty of ways to frame Fleetwith Pike at the far end, I love the fence in this photo and if you can get a still day with reflections it is perfection

A framed view of Fleetwith Pike at the end of Buttermere

The fells around Grasmoor are always behind you as you start out

Like Aira Force earlier in the week there was plenty of water in the streams and waterfalls

Turning right after the last photo I can see Mellbreak on the left, Rannerdale Knotts right and Low Fell at the far end

The dip in the distance holds the Honister Pass, Fleetwith Pike still stealing the show though

Through the tall pines in Burtness Wood

Shapley Fleetwith Pike

Haystacks is on the right as I walk the path to Peggy’s Bridge

Looking across Buttermere to Hassness with Robinson up on the right

On Peggy’s Bridge with Haystacks up to the right

A fast flowing Warnscale Beck heads into Buttermere

Heading around the other side gives you views to High Stile and High Crag. The Buttermere Pines are on the left

There are plenty of photos of this view and whilst not the best weather this is my version. The Buttermere Pines backed by Haystacks

A bit further round and I’ve got Fleetwith Pike back in the picture

Once around Hassness the views back down the lake are obscured. Here Mellbreak sits beyond the Buttermere village end of the lake

There is a short tunnel to venture through as well

High Crag as I come out of the tunnel

If you like pottering in photograph and painting shops around the Lakes you will find a version of this picture in most of them. As you can see from the tripod bottom left of shot someone else is also here. If fact there were three others taking this picture. I’m not sure why it has become such a popular shot but this little tree has to be the most photographed tree in the Lakes

I’m back at the start and my favourite spot on this walk

The Grasmoor fells as we head back into Buttermere village

“Lift your eyes to Haystacks, his favourite place” Framed in the window, AW’s resting place


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