Back O’Skiddaw

Whilst in the Lakes I really wanted to do a wintry walk. Something with snow, cold conditions and maybe a need for some microspikes. Nothing that difficult that requires an ice axe and crampons but enough to give me a flavour and some experience in these conditions. Dartmoor can be bleak however lots of snow is rare, however in the Lakes there is usually plenty. The fells behind Skiddaw remind me of Dartmoor and that made my mind up when deciding where to walk, I knew the hills wouldn’t be icy and not too steep, the grass underneath allows for easy walking without the need to don spikes (although I did take them just in case). The worst part was the wind, upwards of 40mph and the resultant snow spindrift, which was tough to walk into. Still it was a brilliant day and it gave me exactly what I wanted.

Start – Longlands
Route – Longlands Fell – Brae Fell – Great Sca Fell – Knott – Great Sca Fell – Meal Fell – Trusmadoor – Great Cockup – Longlands
Distance – 8 miles    Start time – 9.50am     Time taken –  4 3/4hrs    Highest Point – Knott 710m
Weather – Cloudy, cold and very windy
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Knott 1

Longlands Fell from the start

Knott 2

It’s a stiff climb up the front of Longlands Fell, thankfully the views back to Binsey and Overwater are good, allowing you to stop and admire

Knott 3

Blimey it wasn’t half howling with wind here at Longlands Fell summit, kneeling I take this photo of Lowthwaite Fell with Little Sca Fell behind

Knott 4

Skiddaw is the high point around these parts, bet its windy up there!!

Knott 5

Zooming in on Skiddaw

Knott 6

Brae Fell is the least snowy fell on the left, I’m heading there next

Knott 7

Skiddaw left and Bassenthwaite Lake from the summit of Longlands Fell

Knott 8

Looking back as I head up the path to Brae Fell

Knott 9

Brae Fell summit is windy also!! Longlands Fell is below with Binsey in the distance

Knott 10


Knott 11

The path to Great Sca Fell

Knott 12

A bit of blue sky lights up Skiddaw

Knott 13

Very cold across here

Knott 14

In trying to get out of the wind, by contouring around Little Sca Fell, I hit the deeper snow. Looking back to Brae Fell here

Knott 15

The terrain takes on a peaked meringue look!!

Knott 16

A bit of sunshine on Great Sca Fell summit as I look to High Pike

Knott 17

Skiddaw from Great Sca Fell

Knott 18

Next up is Knott

Knott 19

Knott summit looking to Carrock Fell right and High Pike left. It was absolutely freezing up here in the wind.

Knott 20

Bowscale Fell with the back of Blencathra to the right, its summit has a cloud top

Knott 21

The ever present Skiddaw

Knott 22

From Knott you get a great view along the fault line that runs down the centre of the Lakes along the A591 route, passing Thirlmere. Here Lonscale Fell is the the right with the lower slopes of Blease Fell to the left

Knott 23

Heading back past Great Sca Fell to pick up the path to Meal Fell. which can be seen below

Knott 24

Meal Fell right with Great Cockup behind, the slopes of Frozen Fell (very apt!!) and Burn Tod on the left

Knott 25

The summit shelter on Meal Fell ahead and Skiddaw behind

Knott 26

Meal Fell summit and Great Cockup

Knott 27

Frozen Fell

Knott 28

Heading up to Great Cockup and looking down on Trusmadoor

Knott 29

Meal Fell left and Great Sca Fell up to the right

Knott 30

Skiddaw and a great view of Dead Crags from Great Cockup

Knott 31

Great Cockup summit

Knott 32

Cloud is building and rain is forecast so I make a swift descent off the side of Great Cockup, heading for the path that is just over the stream down there

Knott 33

On the path now and heading to Longlands, as I look back to Trusmadoor, with Meal Fell left and Great Cockup right. I’m not far from the car here at the end of a brilliant wintry walk.


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