Ditsworthy Warren House

The weather was decent and I had time for a quick walk out to Ditsworthy Warren House. The walk isn’t more than a 40 minute stroll and covers hardly any distance really. Having been in the Lakes the previous week it was good to be back on home turf, shame I didn’t have time to go further.

Ditsworthy Warren 1

Plenty of army vehicles about, the scout camp is just to my right, which is where they must be staying.

Ditsworthy Warren 2

Zoomed in over the sheep to Leather Tor (looking like a pyramid) and Sharpitor behind

Ditsworthy Warren 3

The path to the Ditsworthy Warren House with the Trowlesworthy Tors to the right

Ditsworthy Warren 4

The back of the Warren House

Ditsworthy Warren 6

Gutter Tor up on the left as I head back

Ditsworthy Warren 7

Little Trowlesworthy Tor on the left and Legis Tor to the right, the River Plym in between

Ditsworthy Warren 8

The scout hut is in the trees to the right, Leather Tor in the distance

Ditsworthy Warren 9

A short drive back down the road gives this brilliant view to Burrator Reservoir backed by Peak Hill with Sheeps Tor to the right


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