Gutter Tor, Ditsworthy Warren and Eylesbarrow

It was the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and we’d decided to head out early and take in the blue skies forecast. However we faffed a bit and didn’t get going until after 10am, luckily its a short drive to Gutter Tor so we were off and walking around 11am. This is a really easy walk, a few tors, an old Warren house and the the remains of the tin mine around Eylesbarrow, plus the tallest menhir on Dartmoor at the brilliant Drizzlecombe. So despite the short distance there was plenty to pack in and see. The cloud came in a little in the middle of the walk but generally the sun was shining and it was warm in a lovely little corner of south west Dartmoor.

Start – Gutter Tor car park

Route – Gutter TorEastern Tor – Ditsworthy Warren HouseDrizzlecombe – Giant’s Basin – Higher Hartor TorEylesbarrowEylesbarrow Mine – Gutter Tor parking

Distance – 4 1/2miles    Start time – 11am   Time taken – 3hrs  Highest Point – Eylesbarrow 454m

Weather – Sunny and blue skies, some cloud overhead at times

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The car park and the track we will be returning on running up the hill at the back. In the trees over there is the scout hut.
Looking the other way towards Sheeps Tor, a dark looking Leather Tor and Sharpitor back right
Climbing up to Gutter Tor and the views out towards Cornwall improve, Sheeps Tor again on the right
Gutter Tor summit and Cornwall in the distance
A small part of the scout hut can be seen in the trees down there and back left is Great Mis Tor and the mast on North Hessary Tor
Big billowing clouds overhead and the path towards Ditsworthy Warren House, filming for War Horse took place down there, not sure where Mr Spielberg stayed during this time. Eastern Tor is just to the left of Ditsworthy Warren House, we skirted the edge of the tor before reaching the house
Ditsworthy Warren House, occasionally used now by cadets on maneuvers.
We left the Warren house and walked the path crossing a stream which in winter can become impassible to reach Drizzlecombe, here we are at one of the stone rows, this is the smaller of the two terminal stones
The taller one is here, around 4.5 metres in height and this one is the tallest on the moor. Giants Basin is on the left of photo and we had a coffee break there to enjoy the surroundings
Dartmoor ponies and Linda looking back down towards Drizzlecombe. Gutter Tor over on the right hand side
Higher Hartor Tor looking down to Sheeps Tor. To the right of that is the wooded area holding Burrator Reservoir with the pointy Sharpitor further right of that. Cornwall forming the backdrop
Looking north with the bulky Hameldown in the centre of the photo, again some lovely fluffy clouds above
Eylesbarrow summit, the old cobra head embedded in the granite a top this hill marking the old 1240 Dartmoor Forest boundary
One of two cairns at the top of Eylesbarrow and views to Plymouth Sound in the distance
A small sliver of Burrator Reservoir can be seen here as we descend from Eylesbarrow towards the tin mine areas, the reservoir sits between Sheeps Tor (left) and Peek Hill/Sharpitor (right)
Eylesbarrow tin mine areas, the mine ran in the first half of the 19th century
The old wheel house and views down to Sheeps Tor and Peek Hill both are catching the sun now
On the homeward straight now, Sheeps Tor dominates the right hand side of the picture. This is a perfect area for half a day walking, always has a few people walking here but never overly busy. The gradients are gentle making for a relaxing few hours. Perfection

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