Lee Moor

Storm Katie was due to hammer Britain this Easter weekend, however the worst of it seemed to miss the south west. The winds were brisk but not horrible, and when Sunday came and the skies had some blue in them I decided a walk was in order. Unfortunately the weather in Plymouth is not the weather on Dartmoor, even though I tried to stay as south and west as I could, I got a good soaking, 3 hailstorms and one clap of thunder that made me leap about 3 foot in the air. Thankfully the last hour was done in a cold wind and some sunshine which helped dry me out before getting in the car! To make matters worse I hit a pretty big bog on my way down near Trowlesworthy Tor which further soaked my feet, not my best day for walking. Still a couple of new tors for me and good views down to Plymouth from Shell Top.

Start – Cadover Bridge
Route – Shadyback TorLee Moor Leat – Hen TorLee MoorShell TopTrowlesworthy Stone Row – Lee Moor Leat – Cadover Bridge
Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 1.15pm     Time taken –  3hr 10mins    Highest Point – Lee Moor 493m
Weather – Four seasons, cold wind, hail, sun and rain!!! And a bog!!!
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Lee Moor 1

Sunny start, however 2 mins after taking this I was getting pounded by a hailstorm! Trowlesworthy Tors on the horizon

Lee Moor 2

Its gone grey now as I get to my first tor, Shadyback Tor on the edge of the River Plym, Legis Tor is behind.

Lee Moor 3

From Shadyback Tor I can see my next objective of Hen Tor, the pointy bit to the right

Lee Moor 4

Looking back along the River Plym

Lee Moor 5

And upstream, Gutter Tor over to the left

Lee Moor 6

I’m following the Lee Moor leat for a bit now until I reach a good crossing point just before Hentor Warren

Lee Moor 7

Hen Tor and a moody sky

Lee Moor 8

Turning round there is a flash of sun, Princetown is up in the cloud to the right

Lee Moor 9

From Hen Tor looking north

Lee Moor 10

Same as the last photo but with a bit of zoom to pick out Eylesbarrow left, the dip in the distance (right centre) is the head of the River Plym

Lee Moor 11

Looking back past Hen Tor to some sunny weather over Gutter Tor and Burrator

Lee Moor 12

Lee Moor summit

Lee Moor 13

Great views to Ryders Hill from here, on the right. The dark pointy hill in the centre (distance) is Redlake

Lee Moor 14

Spots of rain now!

Lee Moor 15

The path to Shell Top can clearly be seen

Lee Moor 16

As I head to Shell Top the views to the west open up again

Lee Moor 17

If you like man made clay pit views, then this is your place. However when I visit Shell Top I prefer looking past that to Plymouth Sound in the distance

Lee Moor 18

Penn Beacon from Shell Top

Lee Moor 19

Great Trowlesworthy Tor ahead along the obvious path down from Shell Top, a bit further down however I hit a big boggy area and had to head left out of shot

Lee Moor 20

Zooming in on Leather Tor and Sharpitor to the west

Lee Moor 21

After a bigger detour than I would have liked, I reached the Trowlesworthy Stone Circle

Lee Moor 22

Back at the Lee Moor leat and just the simple walk back to the car past the Trowlesworthy farm


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