Setters Rocks

This walk was pretty much over similar ground to Sunday’s walk, only I headed round to Roos Tor and past Cox Tor, instead of going towards Lynch Tor this time. The weather was absolutely superb, warm enough for just a t shirt and a bit of a tan!!! It was a shame I couldn’t lengthen the walk a fair bit, however I started a bit late and had to be somewhere later. A proper spring day however the forecast for the rest of Easter is poor so I’m glad I got this one in when I did, this was indeed a Good Friday!

Start – Boulters Tor car park
Route – Boulters TorSetters RocksStephens GraveLangstone Stone CircleRoos TorSharp TorCombe Tor – Boulters Tor car park
Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 11.00am     Time taken –  3hr 10mins    Highest Point – Roos Tor 454m
Weather – Beautiful, warm for spring, sunny
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Setters Rocks 1

Spring weather and spring in the fields around Peter Tavy

Setters Rocks 2

Lovely views up to Great Links Tor

Setters Rocks 3

White Tor up on the left and Great Mis Tor on the right from Boulters Tor

Setters Rocks 4

Same place looking to Cox Tor, Great Staple Tor and Roos Tor, I’ll be on Roos Tor later

Setters Rocks 5

Fleeces were removed as it was a warm spring day

Setters Rocks 6

Setter Rocks now, looking back to Boulters Tor with Brent Tor in the distance

Setters Rocks 7

White Tor and blue skies

Setters Rocks 8

Stephens Grave

Setters Rocks 9

Bit of zoom into Cornwall to pick out Kit Hill left and the Caradon mast right

Setters Rocks 10

I think that’s Brown Willy on the right, the highest point on Bodmin Moor

Setters Rocks 11

Langstone Moor and the menhir, with Lynch Tor on the left where I was on Sunday

Setters Rocks 12

Langstone Moor Stone Circle with Roos Tor on the right

Setters Rocks 13

The slopes of Great Mis Tor on the left with Roos Tor right, the river Walkham in between

Setters Rocks 14

Roos Tor with North Hessary Tor and the TV mast behind

Setters Rocks 15

Stunning views to Cornwall from Roos Tor

Setters Rocks 16

Behind Roos Tor and the path I’ve walked along to get here

Setters Rocks 17

Fair bit of zoom to pick out the church on Brent Tor

Setters Rocks 18

And spinning round to see the Tamar Bridge over the River Tamar to the south

Setters Rocks 19

Heading to Sharp Tor on the left of this picture

Setters Rocks 20

White Tor up on the left

Setters Rocks 21

Peter Tavy below and Mary Tavy up on the right from Sharp Tor

Setters Rocks 22

Sharp Tor looking up to Great Links Tor

Setters Rocks 23

Kit Hill in the distance from Sharp Tor

Setters Rocks 24

Godsworthy Farm with White Tor behind

Setters Rocks 25

Crossing the bridge over Colly Brook in the Combe

Setters Rocks 26

Spring daffs


2 thoughts on “Setters Rocks

  1. What a lovely day – blessed with the weather. We had a lovely Good Friday and the rest was hit with Storm Katie! Hopefully it’ll get much better….

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a belter of a day, lovely and warm and the sign of things to come hopefully!! Hope you had a good Easter, I’ve booked to stay in Betws y Coed on Monday 30th May until the Friday, so looking forward to that, need some long walks in my legs before I go there though!!


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