Heybrook Bay and Wembury Point

A short walk today in some decent weather. Parking in Heybrook Bay and heading up past HMS Cambridge and then down to join the SW Coastal Path and then back to Heybrook Bay. The area around HMS Cambridge has been sold by the MOD to the National Trust which is great news as this is a lovely part of the coast. Not much more than a mile but we managed to throw some stones on the beach and get our feet wet by the incoming waves!! Perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

Heybrook Bay 1

Up the steps to start with so they are pretending to huff and puff

Heybrook Bay 2

The views open up quickly back to Heybrook Bay with the Rame peninsula in Cornwall across the water

Heybrook Bay 3

HMS Cambridge

Heybrook Bay 4

We’ve found some sticks!!

Heybrook Bay 5

The fabulous Great Mewstone

Heybrook Bay 6

The Rame Peninsula again from higher up, the lone rock in the sea is call Shag rock

Heybrook Bay 7

The coastal path that way leads to Wembury

Heybrook Bay 8

But we’re going no further than Wembury Point here

Heybrook Bay 9

The boys and the Mewstone

Heybrook Bay 10

This was an old swimming pool, with part of the wall still visible

Heybrook Bay 11

It was lovely watching the waves crash in over the wall

Heybrook Bay 12

The small beach at Wembury Point

Heybrook Bay 13

Cornwall across Plymouth Sound

Heybrook Bay 14

Back at Heybrook Bay after a fun hour


2 thoughts on “Heybrook Bay and Wembury Point

  1. This looks like a lovely walk. Just discovered your blog. Your photographs are beautiful, and I look forward to exploring your other posts as well. Best wishes, Susan


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