Grey Knotts and Brandreth

This is the first walk of our annual week in the Lake District, I make no apologies (to Dartmoor) when I say I love this place. Yes there are higher places, more remote places, however when I’m heading past Lancaster and the high fells come into view I feel happy, very happy. After a horrific 9 and a half hour drive up from Plymouth on the Friday, I was almost ready to turn back and give the week up!!! However the next day all that angst has gone away and by the time I took the first photo, the world was right again. This walk is a simple one on paper, Honister provides a bit of elevation meaning the final climb is halved to the top of Grey Knotts, the views are therefore immediate. Enjoyment started from the car door, the steep climb up to Grey Knotts doesn’t give much time for a warm up but you want to stop to enjoy the views to the eastern fells anyway!! Grey Knotts was bagged and the walk to Brandreth is easy from there. We looked to possibly bag Fleetwith Pike as well however a later start meant we walked back along the Drum House track to the slate mines and an ice cream. A brilliant start to the week.

Start – Honister Youth Hostel
Route – Grey Knotts – Brandreth – Moses Trod – Drum House – Honister Youth Hostel
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 11.20am     Time taken –  3hrs 10 mins    Highest Point – Brandreth 715m
Weather – Sunny, lots of clouds (some on the higher fells), breezy
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Brandreth 1

What a view. Looking towards Seatoller from Honister with the Eastern Fells the furthest ridge away.

Brandreth 2

Me and the boys start the climb with Honister Slate Mine below

Brandreth 3

Fleetwith Pike from the climb to Grey Knotts, the mine road can be seen snaking its way up the fell

Brandreth 4

Follow the fence up the steep climb!

Brandreth 5

As we near the top you get this wow view to the east. The ridge in the distance includes (left to right) Clough Head, The Dodds, Raise and Helvellyn in the cloud

Brandreth 6

Grey Knotts summit and the large bulk of the High Stile ridge in the centre of the photo

Brandreth 7

The north western fells, with Grasmoor the dark fell at the back left, Dale Head in the sun on the right

Brandreth 8

Fantastic clouds over the Scafells, Base Brown the nearest fell to us in the sun

Brandreth 9

Brandeth is just beyond the tarn with Green Gable further on and in the cloud

Brandreth 10

Admiring the view from Grey Knotts

Brandreth 11

Me and the eldest on Grey Knotts summit

Brandreth 12

Its a very short walk to Brandreth, here’s the boys with the pile of wooden stakes that have been here (unerected) for years now.

Brandreth 13

Green Gable has cleared the cloud now but Great Gable just hangs on to a cloud top!

Brandreth 14

The view east from Brandreth to the Helvellyn range

Brandreth 15

Looking back to Grey Knotts from Brandreth

Brandreth 16

The view to Buttermere is a little restricted from Brandreth summit, however a short walk in that direction solves that

Brandreth 17

Even on a dull day one of the best views there is. Ennerdale on the left with Pillar rising to the left. The High Stile ridge in the centre. Buttermere and Crummock Water to the right with Grasmoor the large fell furthest right

Brandreth 18

Bit of zoom on Crummock Water and Buttermere

Brandreth 19

“What a view”. Couldn’t agree more!

Brandreth 20

Haystacks furthest left with High Stile looking huge from here. Fleetwith Pike on the right and purple heather everywhere. It was at this point I decided to pass on Fleetwith and head for the car

Brandreth 21

Pillar with a cloudy top, Haystacks in the middle and High Crag and High Stile to the right

Brandreth 22

Dubs quarry on Fleetwith Pike (still a working mine) with Dale Head to the right

Brandreth 23

Looking from Drum House down the path back to Honister, this would have been the old mine cart track

Brandreth 24

Honister Slate Mine and that view on the first picture. Just a stunning way to start the walk


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