Great Kneeset, Black Hill and Cranmere Pool

Time for one more walk before I head to the Lake District for a week. As is customary before I head to high ground I tend to at least have a walk that will test the legs or at worst put some mileage into them. this walk turned out to be perfect, around 12 miles, up to some decent heights and boggy ground making walking tough. I was above the 550 metre contour for most of this walk and the area around Black Hill is as tough as it gets out here. When climbing Great Kneeset I almost stood on an adder which left my heart racing a little, as a bite this far out could have been troublesome. Luckily it slithered away!! It was a great afternoon made better as the light improved as the evening came round, throwing some lovely shadows.

Start – Rowtor parking
Route – RowtorWest Mill Tor –  Little Tor – Dinger Tor – Brim Brook – West Okement River – Great KneesetBlack HillCranmere PoolOckerton CourtOkement HillEast Mill TorNew Bridge – Rowtor parking
Distance – 12 miles    Start time – 11.35am     Time taken –  6hrs    Highest Point – Black Hill 584m
Weather – Sunny with white fluffy clouds, warm with a breeze
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Great Kneeset 1

Its only a quick walk up to Rowtor from the car park (down below), here looking north east to Devon and Exmoor

Great Kneeset 2

West Mill Tor is in the opposite direction and next on the list

Great Kneeset 3

East Mill Tor is centre of the photo and last tor on today’s agenda. I’m heading to the right across the slope on the edge of the picture (which is High Willhays as it turns out!!)

Great Kneeset 4

This is from West Mill Tor looking to Yes Tor, not today though for that one

Great Kneeset 5

Looking north west from West Mill Tor

Great Kneeset 6

Here I’m heading across the side of High Willhays looking to East Mill Tor in the sun down there, with Belstone Tor in the shade to the left of it and the mass of Cosdon Hill to the right. In front of me is Pixies Pool area one of the Dartmoor 365 squares

Great Kneeset 7

Most of todays walk ahead

Great Kneeset 8

On Dinger Tor looking back up to High Willhays, the West Okement valley is to the left

Great Kneeset 9

Great Kneeset is the bulky lump to the right with Fur Tor further right behind that

Great Kneeset 10

Crossing the Brim Brook, tinners huts all around

Great Kneeset 11

And this is the West Okement river

Great Kneeset 12

Time to calm down and admire the ponies, I’d just narrowly avoided an adder at this point and my heart was racing!!

Great Kneeset 13

That’s better, on Great Kneeset, which gives first class views along the West Okement, Stenga Tor to the left and High Willhays to the right, Black Tor can also be seen further along the valley

Great Kneeset 14

A bit of zoom shows Kit Hill in Cornwall (over 25 miles away). Ger Tor and Tavy Cleave Tor in the foreground

Great Kneeset 15

Fab views to Cut Hill left and Fur Tor right, Great Mis Tor in shade back right

Great Kneeset 16

Hare Tor to the left and Great Links Tor peeking over Amicombe Hill

Great Kneeset 17

Classic terrain in these parts, boggy, long grass and the occasional peat hag. I’ve just crossed the Black Ridge peat pass and Black Hill is the raised ground to the left

Great Kneeset 18

On Black Hill looking back to High Willhays which looks a long way from here, especially over that long grass

Great Kneeset 19

Cut Hill to the left and Fur Tor above the cairn on Black Hill

Great Kneeset 20

Hangingstone Hill from Black Hill

Great Kneeset 21

Now nearly at Cranmere Pool, depression on the centre right, with Yes Tor catching the sun in the distance

Great Kneeset 22

Cranmere Pool letterbox

Great Kneeset 23

The path away from Cranmere Pool, this is as good as it gets, its easy to loose the path, but it basically follows the river course for a bit before heading to Ockerton Court

Great Kneeset 24

The river is in that depression below with Kitty Tor in the distance

Great Kneeset 25

Ockerton Court, a lovely spot on a day like today

Great Kneeset 26

Now on army tracks it was a quick walk to Okement Hill. Cosdon Hill behind the observation post

Great Kneeset 27

Superb views northwards from Okement Hill

Great Kneeset 28

West Mill Tor left, East Mill Tor centre (my last tor today) and Belstone Tor right

Great Kneeset 29

On East Mill Tor now looking to Belstone Tor and Cosdon Hill

Great Kneeset 30

And looking back from where I have been, Great Kneeset is the bump to the right at the back

Great Kneeset 31

Now to head down to the track down below where New Bridge crosses to Black a ven brook

Great Kneeset 32

And here I am, New Bridge over the Black a ven brook

Great Kneeset 33

Last shot looking back from near the car, East Mill Tor taking centre stage


One thought on “Great Kneeset, Black Hill and Cranmere Pool

  1. Have fun in the Lakes!

    Some nice scenery there. I did a 14 mile stretch of the North Downs Way on Sunday and the scenery was pretty uninspiring. Some nice flowers though.


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