Cuckoo Rock and Click Tor

Bank holiday weekend and the weather is set for sun, sun and more sun. The mercury is set to rise as well, so I chose a walk that would be through trees for quite a lot of the time so we could stay in the shade. I didn’t fancy driving too far either so I chose Burrator as the starting point and the well known path up to Cuckoo Rock, we then dropped down, crossed the stream and up to Click Tor. Lambs were everywhere, looking especially cute and new born Dartmoor ponies were also keeping us company. On the way back through the woods we came across a mountain biker or two flying down a hill through the trees, however ahead of them was a deer which had been spooked by the bikers and proceeded to bound across our path. A fab little walk a perfect for the warm day.

Start – Burrator parking
Route – Middleworth TorMiddleworth farmCuckoo RockClick Tor – Road around Burrator
Distance –  3 miles    Start time – 11.15am     Time taken –  1hr 45 mins   Highest Point – Cuckoo Rock 320metres
Weather – Sunshine and warm

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Setting off along the track to Middleworth Farm

First a quick detour to Middleworth Tor, blue skies all around

Leather Tor always looks very shapely from this side

Middleworth Farm, one of many that were abandoned due to the reservoir

Lots of these little fellas around today

And quite a few of these as well

A quick rest against a gatepost, our next target is to the right of the post. Cuckoo Rock

Great view from Cuckoo Rock, with Sheeps Tor to the left and Peek Hill and Leather Tor to the right

We are heading down there next, across the stream at the bottom and then following the diagonal path up to the right

Click Tor, most of it is in the trees

Combshead Tor across the valley which sits above Cuckoo Rock, we followed the track up on the right

Heading back through the woods, as we rounded this corner a spooked deer shot across the path, then a mountain biker came down the hill after it. A good day for seeing wildlife today!!

Leather Tor as we reach the car


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