Belstone Tor, Oke Tor and t-shirt weather at last

Bank holiday weekend and walk number two and the weather continues to be scorchio!! Now don’t get me wrong I like a bit of sunshine however the warm weather does have its downsides. Firstly the midge and horsefly bites, I’m a magnet for these little things and they love the taste of Steve. I end up itching and scratching for hours, even with an insect repellent sunscreen on. Secondly, sweating, this obviously happens in warm weather and when mixed with a bit of sun tan lotion on your face it makes for very itchy eyes!! Third and finally, adders, these fellas love a bask on a path in the sun. On Dartmoor they tend to hide beside a gorse bush or long grass patch (which cover most of Dartmoor), I’m not afraid of snakes as such but I’m always very wary in hot weather that they will be waiting. Aside from those things this was a great walk, it was warm, especially in the valleys, but on the tops the breeze was lovely and the views were great. Again I chose a part of woodland to walk through which gives a great change from the high moorland, as well as some shade. It was brilliant to be back up on the north moor and I was left wishing I’d planned a wild camp when I saw people setting up around Taw Marsh. Next time maybe

Start – East Hill parking
Route – East HillAshbury Tor – Chapel FordCleave Tor – Scarey TorNine Maidens –  Watchet HillTors End TorBelstone Common TorBelstone TorIrishmans Wall –  Higher Tor Lower Tor – Knattaborough Tor – Oke Tor – Skit Bottom Bridge –  Hart Tor (Okehampton) – Okehampton Camp Bridge – East Hill parking
Distance –  9 miles    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken –  6hrs   Highest Point – Belstone Tor 479metres
Weather – Lovely sunshine and pretty warm, nice breeze on the tops

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

I’m parked on the right and I’m looking at the line of three tors, Rowtor, West Mill Tor and Yes Tor from left to right. Okehampton Camp starts at the trees on the right

The town of Okehampton from the trig point on East Hill

Those three tors again from the same spot

Ashbury Tor sits above a cleave, the gorse was smelling lovely here so I sat for a coffee for a bit in the sunshine

Looking further left I can see the Belstone Tor group. I’m heading left out of this photo and down into the trees next

This was a lovely part of the walk which takes you down to the East Okement river and the A30

The East Okement, the path follows the right hand bank for a mile to Chapel Ford

There was plenty of things springing into life in the warm weather, these are wood anemones (apparently)

and patches of bluebells

It was very hot here, no wind and a real sun trap. This is Chapel Ford

I walked back to Cleave Tor, the cleave is beyond as is East Hill

I’m heading that way towards Belstone Tor and first Scarey Tor, which isn’t very scary!

Lots of these little things around today

Scarey Tor, with Winter Tor peeking up and further left is Higher Tor

Nine Maidens, Scarey Tor is above the right hand edge of the circle

Military flagpole on Watchet Hill

This is the last tor on the northern moor, so they’ve called it Tors End Tor, from here you can see the Atlantic north coast of Devon

The village of Belstone

Between Tors End Tor and Belstone Tor (which is up there) lies this group of rocks, which is called Belstone Common Tor. I originally thought this was Ladybrook Tor but that sits across the valley behind me (also known as Ottery Tor). 

I’m on Belstone Tor now, that’s Taw Marsh down there in the depression

A tiny cloud must mean its clouding over above Yes Tor and High Willhays

Irishmans Wall, with Cosdon Hill opposite

On Higher Tor now looking down to Lower Tor and the ridge which continues on to Oke Tor

A bit of climbing on Higher Tor

This is Knattaborough Tor, a small lump on the ridge to Oke Tor, I’m looking back up to Belstone Tor

On the right is West Mill Tor, then Yes Tor and High Willhays. East Mill Tor is in the foreground centre left

On my way to Oke Tor, Steeperton Tor is beyond that but I’m not going there today. Up to the right is Okement Hill

On Oke Tor looking back at the ridge I’ve just walked

Cosdon Hill beyond Taw Marsh, a very boggy place

Oke Tor is one of the bigger tor formations, Steeperton Tor is another one that I need to visit again

I’ve walked down from Oke Tor a couple of times but this is the first time I noticed this little bridge in Skit Bottom. That’s Oke Tor above

None shall pass

Very cute lamb at the side of the road

Glorious photo of Skit Bottom

OP22 which also marks Hart Tor, that’s West Mill Tor over there

Hart Tor and the back of OP22, Skit Bottom beyond that

I read somewhere that these are trenches built for Boer War practice. I guess its possible. Rowtor and West Mill Tor are in the background, the keen eyed will also see Yes Tor which is hiding behind West Mill Tor

Down at the bridge by the Okehampton Camp, with the three tors all lined up again. A great walk in some fantastic weather


5 thoughts on “Belstone Tor, Oke Tor and t-shirt weather at last

  1. A great walk and fabulous pictures. I was camped down by the river Taw at the bottom of Irishman’s wall on Thursday evening. A lovely part of the moor.

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