A long loop around Burrator

I fancied a nearby walk, but a long walk to go with it. This one fitted the bill nicely as I could lengthen and shorten this walk to fit the changeable weather, as it was the weather got better as I neared the end. By the time I was driving home the sun was cracking the flags!! I’ve always said that Down Tor is my favourite tor and it still is, I love the area around the stone row as it’s a microcosm of all that Dartmoor has. Historic sites, leats, tors, bogs, hills, a river, a tin mine, old farms, woodland and crosses. A lovely place and once you go beyond Down Tor itself, there is peace and quiet and hardly a soul. Perfect.

Start – Burrator parking
Route – Middleworth TorSnappers TorLittle Down TorDown TorDown Tor Stone RowDevonport Leat Cross – Siwards CrossEylesbarrowCombshead Tor – Cuckoo Rock – Deancombe Farm – Click TorSheeps TorMaiden Tor – Burra TorBurrator DamClaig TorDevonport LeatCross Gate cross – Norsworthy Bridge – Burrator parking
Distance –  9 miles    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken –  5hrs 30mins   Highest Point – Eylesbarrow 454 metres
Weather – Cloudy to start, some breaks in the middle, then the cloud dropped before clearing completely at the end

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

A prominent Leather Tor behind the car park near Norsworthy Bridge

Middleworth Tor, tricky in the summer with all the bracken, but easier now it is dying off

Between the two hawthorn bushes to Burrator reservoir, this walk is a long loop around the reservoir in reality. However I didn’t spend too long beside the water itself as I chose higher paths

The classic view to Burrator from Down Tor, Sheeps Tor on the left

Looking to a murky looking Combshead Tor, the weather would brighten for a while after this point

Solitude at the back of Down Tor

A bit of zoom through the gloom to Gutter Tor, from here you can see how it gets its name

The brilliant Down Tor stone row

A settlement at the far end of the stone row. Here looking back to Combshead Tor left, Sheeps Tor centre and Down Tor right.

The cairn at the far end. The stone row can be seen running up the centre of picture

Brighter skies and the Devonport leat cross, aka Hutchinson’s Cross

I’d seen a fair few bikes as I drove over here. This was the reason. The Tour de Moor. Here they are cycling past Siwards Cross, with Nun’s Cross farm behind

On the way to Princetown

Looking north over Fox Tor Mires

Sheeps Tor on the left always looks higher than the rest of the tors around Burrator. When in truth it isn’t

I walked past plenty of these between Eylesbarrow and Siwards Cross. They are the boundary for the Burrator reservoir watershed. All farms within it were evacuated when the dam was built around 1917

Eylesbarrow trig point and summit and its distinctive cobra head metal spike, one of the Dartmoor perambulation points

Walking down to Combshead Tor, with the brown bracken running up it, Sheeps Tor is far left and Peek Hill back right

Burrator now in view from Combshead Tor

Cuckoo Rock in the foreground and the Sheeps Tor bulk behind

Down from Cuckoo Rock is a part of Deancombe Farm

Click Tor looking back across the valley to Combshead Tor

Peek Hill through the trees from Click Tor

Walking up the slope to Sheeps Tor and looking across to a very dark Leather Tor and Sharpitor, both looking very pointy from here

Climbing on Sheeps Tor

Burrator Reservoir from Sheeps Tor

The cloud had dropped around 200 metres at this point and was covering hills like Eylesbarrow and was almost down to Down Tor in the distance

All calm at Burrator Reservoir

Autumnal as I walk alongside the reservoir

Burrator Dam

Burra Tor, after which the reservoir was named

Peek Hill and Leather Tor from the dam

As the reservoir was full there was plenty of water heading over the dam

A short walk from the dam to Claig Tor, still with a view to the reservoir

The old railway track from Claig Tor above the reservoir gives a fantastic view back down and across to Sheeps Tor. Even in this weather

Not Much room here!!

Bright skies to the south as I near the end, I’d followed the Devonport Leat to Cross Gate cross, now to head to Norsworthy Bridge

Sun pouring through the trees at Norsworthy Bridge

This was 20 minutes later as I drove home. Sheeps Tor on the right. You’d not believe that it was the same day!


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