Templer Way, Yarner Woods and Knowle Rocks

This is another walk around the Lustleigh area, having visited Knowle Woods previously last November (here) I thought I might have finished finding new things around these parts. Not so, a bit of tweaking to my 500 list has brought 3 more fine outcrops and the last one on this walk is a cracker. I also had a walk up to the Templer Way and on into Yarner Woods before descending down into the cleave and along to Hisley Bridge. One of the main highlights of this walk however is the village of Lustleigh. Now I’ve been to Lustleigh at least 10 times now on walks, but when the sun is shining its a lovely place. And the fact that the pub was open made it all the better, a quick diet coke on a table outside before carrying on. More of this sort of thing to come hopefully.

Start – Lustleigh parking

Route – Templer Way – Yarner Woods – Trendlebere Down – Hisley Bridge – Gradner Rocks – Parklands Tor – Ellimore Tor – Higher Truckel Tor – Rockholt – Brake Tor – Ide House Tor – Lustleigh – Wreyland – Knowle Rocks – Stondtorre – Packsaddle BridgeDrakeford Bridge – Pullabrook Wood parking

Distance – 9 miles    Start time – 10.15am    Time taken – 5hrs Highest Point – Top of Yarner Woods 340 metres

Weather – Sunshine and lots of it, warmer this week

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey FL 2021 SF
Little lambs with their mothers at the start of the walk. All the fields around Pullabrook had lambs in them, lots of bleating
Drakeford Bridge, although I’m not crossing it but instead turning around and following the road
Lovely vista across fields with blue skies
Tree lined tunnel
Looking back along the path that ascends to one end of Yarner Woods, the lump back left is Sharpitor to Hunters Tor ridge above Lustleigh
The sign points me right as I meet the Templer Way. This was a tramway, and later a canal, built by the Templer family to transport the granite from Haytor Down to Teignmouth. Its now an 18 mile walk
The granite tramway is obvious in this part of Yarner woods
After more climbing I reached a section just under Black Hill which gave a great view back down across Yarner Woods
This was the first walk this year where I really started seeing butterflies, lots of them as well. This is a Speckled Brown
This path takes me back down form the high point below Black Hill down to the River Bovey and Hisley Bridge
A Common Blue on some holly
I emerged on to Trendlebere Down to this fantastic view into Lustleigh Cleave
Hisley Bridge, not too busy today which was nice. The River Bovey flowing under it
Hisley Bridge
A Peacock, plenty of warm sun had brought the butterflies out to bask
Black Hill is the high point at the back with Trendlebere Down this side of that. Lustleigh Cleave is below me as I head to Gradner Rocks
A Brimstone. I wasn’t early enough last year to catch one of these butterflies, but their bright yellow wings were fluttering everywhere today, but I couldn’t get a picture until this one fed on these little purple flowers
Gradner Rocks, lots more in behind this path side boulder
Lustleigh Cleave from the path that heads to Higher Hisley from Gradner Rocks
Looking towards Wreyland, which is down there in the valley
If you fancy having a tor or massive rocky outcrop in your garden then Lustleigh is for you. Parklands Tor in this one
As I reached Ellimore Tor I turned and headed down hill on the road into Lustleigh
Higher Truckel Tor as the outcrops keep coming, there’s one every 50 metres or so here
Rockholt, one large boulder by the greenhouse and more in the trees behind
Brake Tor another in a garden, there are 3 outcrops (Rockholt, Brake and Copperwood) all within about 100 metres of each other.
A bit further down I came to Ide House Tor, there had been a bit of undergrowth clearing from the rocks right by the road (to my left here)
Lustleigh looking lovely in the sunshine
Heading into Wreyland now. I’d been to the pub for a quick diet coke before walking around the back of the cricket ground to this gorgeous house
Into Higher Knowle Wood now, about 30 metres after this gate I turned right to reach….
Knowle Rocks, a vast group of outcrops, some massive walls of granite and some lovely balanced boulders
Like this one. Which was my favourite. I was nearly at the road at this point, so didn’t bother climbing back up, instead I just joined the road and started back towards the car
Giving the helicopter an airing. Rich people’s problems!!
Lustleigh valley views
This is Stondtorre, lots of these outcrops on this walk aren’t on my list, but they are easily seen. This one sits in the house garden of the same name
An old railway bridge
Packsaddle Bridge
And back at Drakeford Bridge. A fine walk in an area that teems with tors and outcrops, with so much other interesting things to see. With my list I’m down to just 2 of the 500 left to visit so my next walk on Dartmoor will probably pick off these two. However with the Dartmoor 365 I’ve still got lots to see.

9 thoughts on “Templer Way, Yarner Woods and Knowle Rocks

  1. Good post, Steve, and Lustleigh oh Lustleigh – what a place for hidden tors and rocks! I agree that Ide House, Copperwood, Brake, Rockholt and Higher Truckel are all technically connected, but as they are all situated in their own gardens/enclosures with their characters they end up retaining some individuality. Is Loxter Tor on your list? You may return to Higher Knowle Wood again! Knowle Rocks is stupendous as you point out, and I’m pleased to see it receive the recognition it deserves. Nice one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No Loxter Tor on my list, but I’m picking up lots of other tors on my walks which aren’t on my list, I’ve probably done at least another 100 or so. By doing the 365 as well I will pick up more. As for Lustleigh I’ve been there 10 times ish, and never walked the same way, and there are parts/roads I still haven’t been along. Such a great place

      Liked by 1 person

    • House for sale between Lustleigh and Sanduck currently. £3.9mill 9 beds, 2 lakes, a stream, 70 acres, Sanduck Grove Tor in the woodland behind, but its not in your garden. Otherwise all good!!

      Liked by 1 person

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