Weymouth and round to Wyke Regis

A weekend away in Weymouth and a chance to walk some of the coastal path that’s a bit far to do in one day from home. The weather looked a bit rubbish for the Saturday, but Sunday looked good. So the plan was to walk towards Portland on the poorer day and then do the area around Durdle Door on the better Sunday. However on the night before the weather switched, all of a sudden rain and wind was coming in on the Sunday and meant that Durdle Door was canned for a better weather day. We stuck to the plan for the Saturday however, to push on towards Portland as best we could in what became a lovely sunny day. The area around the harbour was lovely, before we headed past Nothe Fort and down towards Sandsfoot Castle. We stopped at Sandsfoot for a drink and some food at the handily placed cafe before we walked to the road over to Portland and the area around Chesil beach. Once we’d reached that we turned and headed up along the coastal path as it wriggles around the East Fleet, before then heading inland towards Weymouth again and the harbour. This was a much better walk than I was expecting, even the road back into Weymouth was lovely as the views down to the town and harbour were superb. A lovely walk in lovely conditions.

Start – Weymouth Aquarium

Route – South West Coastal Path – Weymouth seafront – Nothe Fort – Sandsfoot Castle – Small Mouth – Chesil Beach – Wyke Regis – B3153 – Weymouth Seafront

Distance – 10.5 miles    Start time – 11am   Time taken – 5hrs  Highest Point – Not really one worth mentioning

Weather – Lots of sunshine and still warm

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Starting out along the promenade looking across to St Alban’s Head
Weymouth Bay, Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove are over that way
The clock tower on Weymouth seafront
I saw these sand sculptures last time I was here with the boys, they had been changed to reflect the reign of Queen Elizabeth II
All around Weymouth Bay
We headed along the harbour and crossed this bridge, this was a lovely section of the walk
The harbour part of Weymouth, plenty of pubs and cafe’s around here
Out to sea and the white cliffs around Durdle Door stand out across the bay
Don’t know why but I keep reading this as Not the fort!!
Looking across to Portland and Portland harbour, the darker clouds are clearing a bit now as we head over to the road that leads out to Portland
Glorious coves and beaches around this part, a few out swimming as well, showing how warm it was still in early October
Coastguard station and Portland harbour behind
Sandsfoot Castle we stopped here in the cafe for a cold drink and some food. The castle itself stems from the 1500’s and was completed under order of King Henry 8th.
Lovely views over Portland harbour, which hosted the sailing in the Olympics in 2012
Across the harbour to the Portland promontory
Plenty of people kite surfing with a huge cruise liner in port at the back
Chesil Beach up on the left, Wyke Regis on the right, the coastal path itself wriggles around the right hand side of this picture heading away into the distance
It was superb walking along here, although I have no idea if those huts, shacks, wooden houses over there are a permanent residence for people or just some sort of fishing hut
Looking back towards Portland. Portland Bill is away back right
We turned inland here to head up into Wyke Regis
Looking over the back part of Weymouth towards Chickerell
We both liked the grren roofed building and the views to Weymouth Bay beyond
Weymouth Marina
This photo was taken a couple of hours or so after the last after we’d had a drink in a nice bar and then found fish and chips to eat away from the seagulls. All that was left was the short walk back along the promenade to the hotel

4 thoughts on “Weymouth and round to Wyke Regis

  1. You’ve made Weymouth and it’s surroundings a place I really want to visit. Always fancied exploring Portland as it looks an intriguing place with lots of cool looking swimming spots off the rocks

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