Northcott Mouth to Morwenstow

We had a weekend in Weymouth booked and decided we needed a warm up coastal walk in order to prepare for that area. We decided that north Cornwall was again the area, and we would carry on further north from my previous walk passing Bude (here). This walk passes the huge GCHQ satellite dishes on both sides as well as some spectacular cliff views and drops down to beach coves. Some of the rocky scenery around Steeple Point and the Lower and Higher Sharpnose Point is more in-keeping with much higher mountain ground and made for some real surprising views. I loved the gentle descent back into Northcott Mouth, across fields with brilliant views to Bude Bay. The weather was similar to previous weeks, with warm sunshine in the main and pretty unseasonable for the end of September. A perfect birthday walk for me

Start – Northcott Mouth

Route – South West Coastal Path – Menachurch Point – Sandy Mouth – Stowe Cliffs – Duckpool – Steeple Point – Lower Sharpnose Point – Stanbury Mouth – Higher Sharpnose Point – Tidna Shute – Crosstown – Eastaway Manor – Coombe – Stowe Barton – Northcott Mouth

Distance – 10.5 miles    Start time – 10.15am   Time taken – 6hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Eastaway Manor 132 metres

Weather – Lots of sunshine and unseasonably warm

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Starting out from the National Trust car park at Northcott Mouth, heading down first before we climb the zigzag path to Menachurch Point
Looking down from Menachurch Point to the beach at Northcott Mouth
And north towards Lower Sharpnose Point and the white satellite dishes sticking up at GCHQ. You can also see Lundy Island just off Sharpnose Point, the views to there get better as you head north
Inland to some classic Devon rolling greenery
A long beach running towards Sandy Mouth, there are a couple of dips between me and the white dishes, meaning drops down to the sea before climbing back up, they are hidden from sight here ready to sneak up on you
This is Sandy Mouth and the first of the drops before you climb back up to Stowe Cliffs up to the right on this photo
Bude Bay and the headland at Trevose Head a long way across the Atlantic. A glorious sight from up here
Getting nearer to GCHQ Bude, but before that one more down and up to do
To this place, Duckpool
A van selling refreshments, loos and a car park, plus steep climbs either way
Duckpool beach down below and that view around Bude Bay beyond
Climbing up from Duckpool you hit Steeple Point and scenery more normally scene in Wales or the Lakes rather than by the coast. The drop to the left of Linda was a little vertiginous
We are at Lower Sharpnose Point here looking at the Higher one sticking out to sea over there, with Lundy Island in view, no doubt as we continue north on this stretch over the coming months we’ll get better views to it
The cloud had built out to sea and a few rain showers passed us to the south and one to the north. Timing was good for us today
Higher Sharpnose Point
We are heading next along that valley called Tidna Shute which will take us towards Crosstown
Through the woods towards Crosstown
Stanbury House, a grade II listed 16th century manor house. Up for 4.25million according to Rightmove!!
Heading back around the GCHQ site we cross fields and plenty of old stone stiles
For some reason on the road side of the GCHQ site they had no photos signs up along the road, but nothing on the coastal path side. Here we are walking the road down to Coombe
A speckled wood
After a really steep climb out of Coombe we walked a green lane and then popped out on fields which gently sloped down towards the sea, plus the glorious views to Bude Bay
Fantastic walking along here
And finally back at Northcott Mouth, Some lovely light and clouds to finish a fantastic part of the coastal path. I’d loved the section across Widemouth Beach and then this part matches it for brilliant walking. It had been my birthday 2 days before this walk and this had been the best weather I’d had for quite a while on my birthday weekend

3 thoughts on “Northcott Mouth to Morwenstow

  1. Belated happy birthday! Pretty damn fine walk for a birthday. Some fabulous scenery, golden beaches and those rolling green fields. Is Higher Sharpnose Point as exposed as it looks?

    Liked by 1 person

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