This is a first of two posts regarding another visit for myself and the boys to the Tank Museum in Dorset, this one involved a stay in a Premier Inn in Weymouth overnight, in order to make the next day drive far easier. This was instead of and an out and back from Plymouth, with a 90 minute drive each way. Staying in Weymouth we took advantage of the great weather and the chance to stroll the promenade, the evening walk towards Furzy Cliff was superb. The next morning I set out to walk south towards the castle and the Wey estuary to finish off this part, it worked perfectly as the boys went back to the room to wallow in their excessive all you can eat breakfast! Despite the short time spent in this place, I immediately loved it. The mix of old charm plus new sections works really well here, compared to others that try this style but fail badly. The restaurants looked really good and the next day there were plenty of cafés that I would go in. The beach is glorious, all of it, and curves beautifully towards Lulworth and Purbeck. My eldest wants to come here with his girlfriend on the train (I think not sunshine at 15!!), but I get what he means, its a lovely place. On the map below we stayed at the blue arrow and walked north east in the evening out and back to Furzy Cliff, the next morning I did the southerly section towards the River Wey.

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Where we stayed, well behind the Brewers Fayre, the Brewers was closed for food at 7pm due to chef shortages, instead we walked south to a brilliant Italian called Enzo, who fitted us in perfectly, served us promptly and sent us on our way, very happy with our choice. We ate breakfast in the Brewers the next morning, see below
The evening we arrived however and before looking to eat, we chose a wander along the promenade, firstly north to Furzy Cliff (this was the weekend of the clocks going on an hour so on the Friday it was still dark by 7 ish)
Portland is in the distance, the folk on the beach on the right had been in the water
Looking north towards Furzy Cliff
Love the lights along the promenade and out to sea
A shingle beach at this end of the bay with large ships anchored out to sea
After about 20 minutes or so we about turned at Furzy Cliff to do the return, plenty of runners and walkers out enjoying the warm ish clear evening
Room selfie
The next morning we went in for an all you can eat breakfast, my youngest enjoyed pancakes and a muffin. This was round one of 4, other rounds included cereal, more pancakes and some pastries. My eldest was the same, I ate lots and then went for a walk whilst the boys headed for the room to wallow
It was breezy out on the front but it was lovely and warm out of the wind
Weymouth Bay looking to a hazy Portland in the distance
Kite surfing Weymouth style
The clock tower on Weymouth seafront
Donkeys as well, proper sand down this end of the beach as well
And as you can see the sand is good for making sandcastles and this stunning Beauty and the Beach creation
The river Wey. I’m stood by the spot where you can catch a ferry across to the other side, either that or walk a few hundred metres that way and cross the bridge
The glorious Weymouth Beach, including a Helter Skelter on the left. My hotel is just past that church spire you can see, middle right.
Weymouth Bay
All along the seafront were yellow and blue ribbons tied, we all know what its for, but it just added to a lovely place and friendly atmosphere that this place seems to have. Me and the boys loved our stay and we will be back.

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  1. Always enjoy a day out by the seaside and a good old fashioned resort. Never been to Weymouth as it’s a long way from anywhere but I have it in my mind to plan a trip there now, especially with Portland on the doorstep which always looks good for an explore

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