After two previous weekend trips away with the boys this one was the 3rd one this year. We’d been to Weymouth and Bideford so far and this was a trip to Newquay. This walk was in the half term at the end of October (which gives you an idea of how far behind I am at the moment!) and it was a trip that the three of us needed, to get away from Plymouth for a bit and see somewhere different. We stayed just outside Newquay and headed in for a walk along the beaches and seafront. In the end we walked over 7 miles, with the weather improving with every step we took. By the end the skies were blue and the sea and sand looked superb on each of Newquay’s beaches. I have to say coming at this time of year to Newquay, removes any of that tacky touristy feeling and the place returns a bit to a normal seaside town, although you can see why it gets its reputation. I’d definitely return out of season again.

Start – Porth Beach

Route – South West Coastal Path – Lusty Glaze – Newquay Town – Newquay harbour – Towan Head – Fistral Beach – Pentire Point East – Newquay Golf Course – Newquay Town – Lusty Glaze – Porth Beach

Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 11.50am   Time taken – 3hrs  Highest Point – Not really very high

Weather – Dark clouds and drizzle to start, cleared nicely to sunshine to finish and getting warmer as we went

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A bit misty and murky at Lusty Glaze at the start of the walk, we’d parked in the car park to my right here and paid a few quid for parking, but we were here now, and we were off to Towan Head all the way over there and probably beyond
Porth Beach on the other side with Porth Island sticking out into the sea
This one is Newquay Beach which reaches across to the harbour area, the large building in the distance is the Atlantic hotel, Towan Head peeking out behind
An old tramway took us away from the main high street as we headed towards the harbour area
Still part of Newquay beach below and the Island house, the bridge linking it to the mainland to the right can just be seen
Newquay beach with the harbour down to the left
War memorial as we passed the Atlantic Hotel
Looking across Watergate Bay from the memorial, it looked like it might rain at this point but it soon started to clear
Fistral Beach with Pentire Point beyond, not too many surfing today though
The Headland hotel, a grand looking building
Looking back towards the Headland hotel with Newquay golf course on the right and Fistral Beach on the left
The beach always looks better with a bit of sunshine on it
The waves coming into Fistral Beach. Towan Head on the other side of the beach
One last look at Fistral looking lovely in the sunshine
Heading to Pentire Point and looking out to the Atlantic
On Pentire Point and a view along the coast to the east of Newquay, the clearing weather had extended the views somewhat
Heading back down the road into Newquay from Pentire Point, warming up nicely enough to take off a layer, not bad temperatures for the end of October
We stopped off in the town for a toasted sandwich and a drink before returning towards the car on our out route, this is Newquay Beach again
One last look at a sunny Newquay Beach and the view to Towan Head, a lovely walk which I’m glad I did at this time of year. I can imagine that many a coastal path walker doing the full round in the warmer months will dread coming through here. But I can recommend it in October.

3 thoughts on “Newquay

  1. The beaches and the bits close to the coast are superb as is a long walk along the sand. It’s the town itself which is a tacky mess in summer. Last time I was there it was like Blackpool, all drunks and stag do’s in the middle of the day. Lusty Glaze was also the beach to avoid. All thumping music and preening teenagers. Not sure I’ve ever been out of season. October is a great time to visit. You can even swim if the weather is kind as the sea still retains a bit of warmth from the summer

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