A bit snowy on Foggintor

The forecast said there could be snow overnight, followed by hail the next morning. So the plan was made to at least go and have a look, I had a walk in mind however as the snow was due to be sporadic the location of the walk could change. The plan was Princetown or somewhere around there. On leaving Plymouth I could see snowy parts on Lee Moor, the signs were good, on reaching Dousland the snow was there, a bit patchy and starting to melt, but enough for snowballs and a quick walk. On reaching Princetown I realised that the snow stopped there, there was nothing north of Princetown at all and it stopped on the slopes on North Hessary Tor. This meant my A1 plan was out, as it was too far west, so instead we headed to Foggintor and then round to Hollow Tor. Naturally I spent most of the walk dodging snowballs!!! It was a lovely little walk and a great starter to winter. Bring on more snow!!!

Start – Great Mis Tor parking
Route – Yellowmeade Farm –  Foggintor quarry – Foggintor – Hollow Tor (Rundlestone) – Great Mis Tor parking
Distance –  1.5 miles    Start time – 11.25am     Time taken –  1hr 15mins      Highest Point – Hollow Tor 472metres
Weather – Grey cloudy, some hail and sleet and a bit of sun

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Patchy bits of snow on the track to Yellowmeade, that’s Kings Tor in the distance

Enough for snowballs though, the Princetown mast is behind

The Staple tors and Roos Tor further west, less snow in that direction

This happened a lot, Yellowmeade farm is behind and Foggintor behind that

The track to Foggintor

Bits of ice had formed in the puddles

Sunshine is brief as we reach Foggintor quarry, those are the broken buildings that used to be in use when the quarry was in full swing, which was from the 1770s up to 1906. Kings Tor and the Staple Tors are beyond

Foggintor quarry

Brotherly love on Foggintor

From this side of the quarry you can see posts stuck in the ground on the grass on the left of shot. The same posts are on the right of shot and are used to tie ropes across the void for the cadets to traverse

Looking into the sun to Leeden Tor, Leather Tor and Sharpitor

The Princetown TV mast

Most of the snow has melted off in the sun

On Hollow Tor

Looking up to the mast from Hollow Tor

Hmmm, that’s a heavy hail shower coming at us from Great Mis Tor

We waited for the hail to pass, hiding behind the tor rocks before leaving Hollow Tor behind and making a run for the car

They are quicker than me, clearing weather now over Great Mis Tor and Roos Tor to the left

Kings Tor from the start of the walk


5 thoughts on “A bit snowy on Foggintor

  1. That looks a great walk. The quarry and the tor add lots of interest. I am impressed that your boys like to walk so much! Thanks for the waterfall comment and I looked at your post. They do look pretty indeed and you have photographed them very well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The boys have been walking now for 6 years. My eldest at 10 now wants to go higher and do more. He has my inclination for ticking off lists and challenging yourself. Thank you for the lovely comments

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely views indeed. Always a joy when the snow brighten up things a bit 🙂
    We haven’t had snow yet, but lots of rain. The wettest autumn for almost 30 years.
    Wish you all happy walks!!

    Liked by 1 person

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