Royal Hill and Prince Hall Rocks

This walk took in another new area for me and an extension of a walk I have done before. The area north of the Blackbrook and hemmed in by the West Dart river is a section of land that ends with Prince Hall Rocks. There is a little wooden bridge that allows for a nice circular walk, and this one will be a walk I will no doubt repeat a few times. Once I had passed Blakey Tor and started to climb to Royal Hill the cloud started to drop and I could see by the slowly disappearing Princetown mast, that I could soon be walking in cloud. Luckily it didn’t last long and the cloud lifted after 20 minutes or so, never quite getting down as low as myself. A good walk was had, and hopefully the winter conditions promised on the weather are on their way.

Start – Princetown parking
Route – Devonport Leat – Round Hill Bridge – Round Hill Tor – Prince Hall RocksPrince Hall Rocks Bridge –  Blakey Tor – Royal Hill – Crock of Gold – Tor Royal – Devonport Leat – Princetown
Distance –  5 miles    Start time – Midday     Time taken –  3hrs      Highest Point – Royal Hill 407metres
Weather – Grey, cloudy but not cold

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Looking back to Princetown as I start out. The mast and prison are prominent from here

Looking the other way to Longaford Tor to the left of that is Beardown Tor

Looking down to the Blackbrook as it snakes its way towards Prince Hall. Round Hill Tor is to the left of the Blackbrook

Devonport Leat is crossed on the way down to the Blackbrook

I can never remember the name of this house, but it can be stayed in.

I’ve arrived at the Blackbrook, there is a stone bridge to my left here, but I’m not crossing that as the terrain to Round Hill Tor on that side is pretty grim. I’m staying this side of the brook, so its across the wooden bridge here and then to Round Hill bridge

And here I am. Round Hill Bridge backed by Round Hill Tor

On Round Hill Tor looking again to the snaking Blackbrook. You can just see Prince Hall Rocks from here in the middle distance, this side of the green field. The Skir Hill ridge is at the back

Bellever Tor to the right of the tree from Round Hill Tor

This is apparently Prince Hall Rocks, however older books such as the one written by the venerable William Crossing suggest that the rocks are further east on either side of the Blackbrook

I’m almost at the northern outcrop of Prince Hall Rocks, looking back to Princetown and its mast. The West Dart river is in the valley on the right

The southern outcrop are a short distance away across the bridge below. Blakey Tor is up on the right

Looking to Skir Hill in the distance, the river below is the joining of the West Dart and the Blackbrook

Prince Hall Rocks bridge over the Blackbrook

On the southern rocks now looking back to the northern outcrop

Looking back along the Blackbrook to the mast in the distance

Crossing a slightly boggy section to get to Blakey Tor

Blakey Tor

Looking down to where Prince Hall Rocks sit from Blakey Tor. Longaford Tor looking prominent in the distance

Bellever Tor from Blakey Tor

The cloud starts to drop as I climb up to Royal Hill

Royal Hill summit

Above the summit rocks sits Longaford Tor which has almost disappeared now

Looking back along the main path as I head to Tor Royal

First though is a look at the crock of gold cist

Having walked past Tor Royal I head back up to the Devonport Leat, the tors around Longaford Tor have cleared again now

Hameldown in the distance has cleared a bit as well

All that is left is to head back into Princetown


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