A quick walk to Berra Tor

I’ve been quiet on the walking front lately. Its been the weather, climbing hills in 25 plus degrees in baking hot sun with no breeze, isn’t for me. Not a lot of it for sure. However after a while you need to get out before you go mad, as it was I had lost my fitness a fair bit after watching too much of the world cup! Me and the boys just wanted a little walk, no climbing and a nice loop, a bit of tree cover would be good as well. This walk to Berra Tor is easy, it is better in the winter when the bracken isn’t around, but its easy, a couple of miles and got me back into the groove again. It was still hot but we enjoyed it. This walk is a simple round starting near the garden centre, out to Berra Tor, if you can find it in all the greenery at the moment and back along the lanes. Just what was needed.

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Hot and sunny as it seems to have been for 2 months now. A bit of tree cover helps though and this is just a short walk

Views to the higher tors

Cox Tor left, the Staple Tors centre and Great Mis Tor on the right

A bit of cloud as we walk towards Berra Tor

Looking across the River Walkham valley as we near Berra Tor. In truth it was covered in bracken and greenery so we took no decent photos of the tor

Instead we stepped back on the main path above. The tor is down to the right here

All green

We headed back along the lanes to Uppacott Garden centre. This makes a nice simple loop

Plenty of fields along the lanes

Nearly back, which was good as the tiny bit of breeze that was present was cut off by the high hedges!!


6 thoughts on “A quick walk to Berra Tor

    • Just needs to cool a few degrees, low twenties is fine, then when you get up higher it will be cooler. At the moment its 25 plus on the summits so you are starting around the high twenties which is just too hot for serious walking


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