Berra Tor, Buck Tor and Doublewaters

Mid January and a typical weather day for this time of year, cloud too low to head up high but the odd break in the cloud to give a bit of brightness. As with the rest of the country we had, had a lot of rain recently and I thought a look at the River Tavy and Doublewaters might be fun. As it was the river was running as fast as I’ve ever seen it and its known as a quick running river. The area is not one I visit very often, but its easy to walk around and I loved walking through the villages as well. Plus it was brilliant for all 4 of us to be out together, talking nonsense and generally just winding me up. The only issue was that I had forgotten my walking boots and ended up soaked in my trainers, no sympathy from those walking with me. Still it didn’t spoil a fine walk around a forgotten corner of Dartmoor.

Start – Yelverton parking

Route – Crapstone – Buckland Monachorum – Coppicetown – Berra Tor – Balstone Wood Tor – Virtuous Lady Crags – Doublewaters – West Devon WayBuck Tor – Roborough Down

Distance – 6.5 miles    Start time – 1.30pm   Time taken – 2hrs 45mins Highest Point – Roborough Down 200 metres

Weather – Cloudy, some brighter bits, cold

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There are dozens of parking spots like this around Roborough Down, if you look on Google satellite view of this bit of Dartmoor you can see you can see the criss-cross of the old runways
Walking through Crapstone (yes that is the name of the village on the edge of Dartmoor)
Linda and the boys walking into Buckland Monachorum, we stood and admired the church when we got down there, the church was rebuilt in the 1500s and has rectors listed back to 1271.
Looking along the Tavy valley as we hit the moorland
The tors on the western side of Dartmoor including Cox Tor and the Staple Tors
A part of Berra Tor, my youngest is looking at rope swing and trying to gauge whether it would take his weight. The main part of Berra Tor is that way and to the right a bit
We’ve turned around here and we are heading for Balstone Wood Tor which is at the top of those trees on the left
Balstone Wood Tor
The upper rocks on this tor, they carry on down this steep woodland
All 4 in a row, my eldest at the back is delighted to be here
The best name of the tors on Dartmoor. Virtuous Lady Crags
Virtuous Lady Crags from below
The tumultuous River Tavy, running very high
Doublewaters now, the meeting of the Rivers Walkham and Tavy, both very high, meaning it isn’t easy to get to the bridge over the Walkham. My youngest though managed it.
Buck Tor isn’t far from Doublewaters and is right by the West Devon Way as it heads towards Yelverton
Looking back down to Doublewaters
Fra left in the distance is Brent Tor and Cox Tor is on the right
And as we reach the car we look back to Cox Tor, the Staple Tors and Great Mis Tor with North Hessary Tor to the right. A lovely walk with my favourite people, perfection.

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