Berra Tor in the rain

We’ve had a bit of a grotty start to the late spring/summer time down here in the south west. After a pretty dry May, June started with very heavy rain and strong winds. This weekend was no different, especially the Saturday. We needed a walk and the weatherman promised drier weather to the south west of Dartmoor at least until 1pm. Well that didn’t happen and as a result we got soaked. No whinging from the boys, they just got on with it. I can imagine that this is a good spot on a dry, sunny day. Easy for families to walk and enjoy the area, For us it was low cloud, no views and sideways rain!!! C’est la vie!

Start – Uppaton parking (by the garden centre)
Route – Roborough Down – Berra Tor – Coppicetown – Alston – Uppaton Parking
Distance –  3 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  1hr 30mins  Highest Point – Uppaton parking 170metres
Weather – Rain and more rain, strong winds

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Starting out, I assume they are pulling faces at the weather and not me!!

Dartmoor foal on Roborough Down

A claggy Roborough Down

The tors of Dartmoor are that way, honest

Soaking wet

I think that is the River Walkham in the valley

And Doublewaters is that way

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing we find Berra Tor

Berra Tor behind the boys

Along the lanes back to the car

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