Wildcamp on the side of Barn Hill

The hot weather continues and the sunsets keep on coming. When the weather is this good its an easy decision to throw the tent in the car and head out with the boys. Now I had two spots in mind, Bellever Bridge (near to Postbridge) and Cator Bridge about half a mile down the road. We’d eaten tea and headed out around 6.30pm to get to Postbridge. Unfortunately the problem with having such good weather is many other people have the same idea. We arrived at Bellever to see at least 3 others camped and another arriving, so that was out, we drove to Cator Bridge to see a tent in the best spot with two other couples out with the BBQs and chairs by the bridge. Hmmm, a quick think and I remembered another spot, over towards Merrivale by the side of Barn Hill, where I’d seen others camp before. We arrived and no one was there, there was also a breeze which always helps keeps the insects away. Camp was set very quickly and being this side of the moor meant another sunset by Brent Tor for me to watch to match the one last week. It was brilliant, however in waiting for the sun to set the breeze vanished and the midges came out, in force. I was pickled (still am 6 days later). Luckily the boys darted in the tent and stayed pretty clear from them, I was out making tea hence I became supper for the little buggers. We broke camp at 9, just before it got very hot again after another great night out under the stars.

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Barn Hill Rocks as we searched for a flat camping spot

Oliver getting some water for a drink from the Sortridge leat

Our spot, not ideal, but it was flat and the breeze looked like it would keep the midges away

North Hessary Tor to the left, Kings Tor in the middle as the sun starts to set

Having a drink from the leat

And a splash in the warm weather

Ready for the sunset, The Staple Tors behind

Here we go, this one is going down right beside Brent Tor

Me and the boys selfie, they are never serious on these!!

Fantastic sight

My car is over there in the car park, below the Staple Tors

Brent Tor halo

Glorious way to end the day

Opening the tent at 7am, there was a wonderful cool breeze blowing in here so we went back to sleep, however by 8am the temp was rising to over 25 degrees so we packed and left sharpish


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