Little Leigh Tor

I’d planned this walk for a while and never managed to get here, always heading elsewhere, higher places that on paper seem more exciting. To be honest I don’t know this little part of Dartmoor very well, I’ve always headed on to Haytor or Hameldown, or not come over this far from Plymouth and stopped at Shipley Bridge. Two new tors today, Blackadon Tor and one of the littlest on my list in Leigh Tor, both are similar in that they are best done as an out and back to the summit. The second part of the walk involved a short section of the Two Moors Way path, above the Dart valley. This is a fantastic place with plunging views down to the river below, tors on either side and a fine path to follow. Its a walk I will repeat for sure.

Start – Leusdon Hall
Route – Leusdon Church – Blackadon Tor – Spitchwick Manor – Poundsgate – Leigh TorAish Tor – Two Moors WayMel Tor – Bel Tor Corner – Poundsgate Methodist Church – Leusdon Hall
Distance – 5 1/2 miles    Start time – 11.20am     Time taken –   2hrs 40minutes   Highest Point – Bel Tor Corner 350mertres
Weather – Cloud to start with but blue skies and sunshine as the walk went on
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


The start point of Leusdon Hall


Both these stones had engravings on them, I’m guessing at boundary stones for Leusdon maybe, anyhoo that’s Hameldown straight ahead. I’m taking the right hand road to Leusdon Church


I was going to take a picture of the church but the congregation were all outside so I gave it a miss. After finding the walled grassy path I come to this gate which confirms I’m in the right spot for Blackadon Tor


On Blackadon Tor with Hameldown to the left and Chinkwell Tor to the right


Buckland Beacon from Blackadon Tor, Buckland In the Moor church in view also


Its tricky to get a decent picture of Spitchwick Manor but here’s the driveway which I’m about to walk along out on to the road at the far end


After passing through the village of Poundsgate I do a left turn along a path to Leigh Tor, the climb to the summit is a bit tricky but once up you get a fine view of Buckland Beacon


Bel Tor is in the distance, Blackadon Tor is above the trees on the right


I’ve left Leigh Tor, which is in those trees down on the left and I’m heading up the path to Aish Tor


Aish Tor summit with Ryders Hill in the distance


Same spot with the pointy Sharp Tor stood proud


It was lovely walking along here, Dart Valley down to the left and views to Princetown, the mast and North Hessary Tor in the distance


The view is pretty good that way as well, Aish Tor up on the left


The Two Moors Way path to Mel Tor


A bit of zoom shows a fair few people up on Combestone Tor across the Dart valley


Looking across North Tor to Ryders Hill


On Mel Tor now, with Bel Tor middle left of shot and Rippon Tor standing highest in the distance, I could see from here that Haytor had the sun shining down on it


Sunny Haytor in the centre, Rippon Tor right and Holwell Tor left


The sun was also out over Sharp Tor, with Corndon Tor to the right, Yar Tor in the shade at the back


Still on Mel Tor, looking to Venford Reservoir


Bit of zoom here shows the dam and the reservoir in the trees


As you do in Peru we do on Dartmoor, take your llama for a walk!!


Hameldown in view from the grand vista by Bel Tor Corner


As its that good, I’ll show you another of the same view


Almost back at the car now as I pass Poundsgate Methodist Church


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