Slapton Ley to Strete

Time for another bimble with the boys, and carrying on with the coastal path at Slapton. We had previously done the section to the south of this last summer (here) and we enjoyed the area, so a return was in order. Again we weren’t great at getting out of bed and settled for lunch at home and the hope of a hot chocolate on the walk. These sections of the walk are very easy being mainly flat along the beach, that was until we hit the section after Strete Gate where it climbed up to the village of Strete, steeply in places. Unusually for me we did an out and back, but it didn’t spoil the walk and we got back to the car just as a few spots of rain started hitting the windscreen. The walk isn’t more than 3 miles and can be done in 90 mins easily without rushing. As a result I only have a short section of the coastal path to Little Dartmouth to do to complete a long section of the path from Paignton to Whitsand Bay in Cornwall

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Slapton Ley looking south
Down at the monument on the seafront, there’s another car park beyond the monument but we had parked on a small pull in on the road up to Slapton just after the bridge
Slapton beach, used in the war by the American soldiers to practice for the D Day landings of Utah Beach. Exercise Tiger took place here in April 1944, unfortunately over 1000 American soldiers were killed on the exercise, firstly due to German U boats infiltrating the exercise at sea and sinking many boats, and secondly due to the use of live firing which resulted in around 250 being killed from friendly fire. However the hard work here paid off and less soldiers died in the real attack on Utah Beach than did here.
A cool wind pushes us north along the beach track, a really good path is also available on the other side of the road, starting at the bridge were we parked.
Lovely views along the beach at Slapton
I’m not one for advertising a particular brand, but this hot chocolate was pretty good. I got fleeced by the boys, as always, for cake as well. The guy in the cafe van told us rain was due around 3-4ish so he headed on towards Strete village
Passing this sign on the way!
Photos down to the beach, I had checked that no naturists were compromised in the taking of these photos
We’d zigzagged up through the trees to this point with the houses of Strete behind me here. I figured this was a good spot to start the return
Back down through the trees
Almost back down to Strete Gate and the coffee van, it was nearing half 3 and no sign yet of spots of rain, but the clouds above look like they could start any minute
The road sign for Slapton Ley
Back at the bridge, there were twitchers behind me trying to photograph some snow bunting
Not the best photo of us but we’d enjoyed the walk and the hot chocolate (and the cake). This was the first walk back after my visit to the Lakes and it was good to get frequented again with the coastal path.

3 thoughts on “Slapton Ley to Strete

  1. Used to walk it a lot. I remember in the early 70s, long before the story of Tiger got out, I often used to meet Americans who’d taken part who’d come back. They told me some horrendous tales.

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