Buckfastleigh up to Pupers Hill and back

After the success of a moorland and lanes walk a few weeks ago up at Cosdon Hill (here) I tried another. Again this was a ticking list of Dartmoor 365 spots first and foremost and then an attempt to get up to Dartmoor and a tor but this time from a different way than previously. Its certainly a steep and long pull up to Pupers Hill from Chalk Ford and not one I will try again. But I enjoyed the walk from there down to Water Oak and on to Cross Furzes, especially on this fabulous weather day in early November. The start of this walk is along many of the lanes north west of Buckfastleigh, and by the time you reach the track out of Scoriton the feet are starting to ache a little. The pull up to Chalk Ford has ever improving views back down to South Hams, and I would recommend a rest at Chalk Ford before the steep climb to Pupers Hill. Pupers Hill though is a place to enjoy, the views are brilliant, both down to South Hams and Teignmouth and across to Rippon Tor and Hameldown.

Start – Buckfastleigh car park

Route – River Mardle – Hawson’s Cross – Scoriton – Chalk FordChalk Ford RocksPupers Hill – Water Oak Corner – Abbots Way – Dean Burn Clapper – Cross Furzes – Wallaford Down – Wallaford Cross – Buckfastleigh

Distance – 11 miles    Start time – 10am   Time taken – 5hrs 15mins  Highest Point – Pupers Hill 468 metres

Weather – Lovely and sunny, cool in the breeze

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Buckfastleigh, the Globe would be frequented at the end of the walk for a quick pint. The car park is up the road on the right and I’ve walked a short distance in to take the photo
This should be called church corner or something of that ilk. There’s a Catholic, C of E, Methodist and Christian community churches all here.
Expansive views starting to come as I cross the River Mardle to the road to Scoriton
The woods on the left hold Hembury Castle as I follow the road to Hawson’s Cross
Wooded road
Dartmoor proper is ahead, think that is Snowden and Ryders Hill
Hawson’s Cross with Stumpy Oak behind, a new oak has been planted for when Stumpy hangs up his leaves
Lovely scenery around here
I’m on the track from Scoriton to Chalk Ford now passing the farm machinery
Autumn colours and Snowden in the distance
Chalk Ford, there is a tor in the woods to the left which I’ve seen before but never visited properly
Today I went to look at the top rocks, there are plenty below by the River Mardle
A peek out to South Hams as I start the climb to Pupers Hill
All browns and yellow, the field over there holds a herd of deer
The views start to expand now as I get higher, with the tors around Hameldown and Haytor coming into view
The first outcrop of Pupers Hill that I hit, there’s more away to my right, but for now I rest after the climb and look along the path towards Water Oak Corner
Pupers Hill cairn and Hameldown in the distance
North to Snowden from Pupers Hill
Walking the track to Water Oak Corner and I spy a glimpse of Avon Reservoir
The clump of trees ahead is Water Oak Corner, an attempt to plant some trees into Dartmoor proper
It was lovely up here today
A very strict permissive path leads you off from Water Oak Corner, up there in the distance. Don’t stray from the path says the sign
Still on the path down to Dean Burn Clapper
Far reaching walks from this point, just make sure you stick to the waymarked path. I’m heading left
Over Dean Burn Clapper
I then did an out an back to Cross Furzes before heading off to Wallaford Down
Along the road
Think that Pupers Hill this time
The lump on the left is Wallaford Down, the Dean Burn is in the valley to the right
From the road to this point is about as good as it gets on Wallaford Down
The views from the road however to South Hams are brilliant
Green fields of farmland
Another long road section now into Buckfastleigh but the views are still pretty good
Wallaford Cross
Into Buckfastleigh now and a memorial ready for the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month. A really good walk in great weather. Buckfastleigh isn’t a place I start walks from but I has some lovely lanes around it but it is always uphill from here to start with! At least it means its downhill on the way back.

6 thoughts on “Buckfastleigh up to Pupers Hill and back

  1. What a great walk in lovely weather. One can need a light like that ⛅⛅
    I like your conclusion: Downhill on the way back! Sometimes I try to plan my bike ride to get tailwind on the way home.
    If I’m unlucky, the wind has turned. You don’t risk that with the hills 😁😁

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    • I did think of extending the walk to Hickaton Hill as well but didn’t have the time. I’ll be doing some more walks around Ashburton and Bagtor in the coming months to pick off the Dartmoor 365 squares there. I’m enjoying these lane walks around the edge of Dartmoor

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  2. Lovely walk. I used to hate road walking as it hammered my knees. Since I discovered the joys of good quality trail shoes and orthotic inserts I don’t mind any more and they can be just as pleasant as a good path. I only wear boots these days in winter conditions or if I’m out in wilder, wetter, rockier terrain.

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    • I’m enjoying mixing the moor with the lanes to give a bit of both at the moment, my only issue with too much road is my feet and as long as I don’t tie my laces too tight I’m ok normally

      Liked by 1 person

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