Little Dartmouth to Strete

Another of those three walks I needed to finish off to complete a long section of coastal path from Charmouth to Whitsand Bay, sorting this one means I just have a section around Torquay to do on this long stretch. This is another section which has parts of the path which are a short distance away from the coast, the area through Stoke Fleming here is one alongside the part from Little Dartmouth car park itself. However these parts are not as bad as the redirected path inland of Lyme Regis, so its not a bad part of the SWCP here. One slight disappointment was the pub in Strete being closed (Kings Arms) until the end of January, it would have made a nice halfway stop. Still there are some real highlights of this walk, one is Blackpool Sands (no not that one) which looked glorious even on a gloomy day, so on one with sunshine it must be a sight. I also enjoyed the part after Blackpool Sands to Strete, where the coastal path rose and fell more in keeping with lots of other sections of the path. Its not a long walk and could easily be done with a bus, which runs from Torcross along Slapton Sands and through Strete, Blackpool and on past Stoke Fleming (even on a Sunday), shame I didn’t investigate that months ago, it would have sped up walking the whole of this part.

Start – Little Dartmouth National Trust car park

Route – South West Coastal Path – Stoke Fleming – Blackpool – Above Forest Cove – Strete – Southwood Farm – Blackpool – Stoke Fleming – Little Dartmouth

Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 10.15am   Time taken – 3hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Norns Cross 144m

Weather – Bit gloomy really, quite cold and damp

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Just out of the car park and through a gate the sea can be seen, that’s Start Point sticking out over there and Stoke Fleming on the right
The national trust car park, two parts to it and space for probably 30 cars, it says parking is £3 but I couldn’t see a box to put the money in, although I’m a NT member already
Approaching Stoke Fleming with the church sticking up, the bells were ringing for the church service this morning
The coastal path heads inland along a couple of lanes through Stoke Fleming and took me past the Dartmouth Petanque club, plenty partaking on a Sunday morning
Strete can be seen now on the hill on the right in between me and there is a dip holding Blackpool Sands
Starting to drop down towards Blackpool now
Out on to the main road and on the pavement gives you the view to the sands below, the beach looked lovely from up here
The yellow building behind the sign to the left is the cafe on the beach, there’s plenty of options in there but I just took a coffee and followed the signs to Strete off to the right here
Climbing back up away from Blackpool Sands and an even better vantage point to see the beach. Large parts of the beach where a little stony but there was plenty of sand nearer to the water.
Across fields above Matthew’s Point
I think this is Forest Cove or Middle Cove, I’m going for the latter as I think Forest Cove is on the right from here and Matthew’s Point is on the left. As you can see this section involves more up and down and takes on more of the normal coastal path feeling
At the top of the hill now from the last photo. That’s Matthews Point sticking out down there beyond the beach. With Blackpool Sands in view beyond that
A lovely aspect along the coast with the Mew Stone which sticks up off Froward Point in view
The path ahead with signs of housing in the trees which is the village of Strete, the coast stretches on to Start Point. I next walked through the village of Strete and out the other side
This section of path meets up with my last visit to the area with the boys back in November (here). I next headed inland along lanes to loop around the back of Strete and start heading back. This photo also gives a view of Slapton Ley, the large freshwater lake cut off from the sea by the bar of sand
Strete church
More lane walking brought me to a bench and this view across fields which did for a coffee and biscuit stop
Norns Cross saw me turn and head towards Southwood Farm
The church at Stoke Fleming in sticking up and can be seen, dip will again hold Blackpool Sands
Cows at Southwood Farm
Down the hill to Blackpool, classic Devon hedging either side of the lanes
At Blackpool I took a left away from the beach along a lane and then followed a bridle path track uphill through woods, at the top of the climb these views could be seen down towards Bowden and on to Blackawton
The other way the sea was in view, on my outward part I would have walked past those trees sticking up over there on my way down to Blackpool Sands
Not sure this house still supplies the villages electricity!! At this point I was walking the main road, which can be very busy and has no pavement at all and squeezes itself through high walls and houses. I can see why the coastal path through Stoke Fleming heads inland a bit past the Petanque club
Final photo along the lane back to Little Dartmouth car park at the end of an enjoyable walk, the church can be seen again in Stoke Fleming.

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    • Since coming back and talking to people about Blackpool, it seems that it is a popular spot in these parts that I wasn’t aware of. Its a lovely secluded beach in a valley I can imagine it would make a lovely early morning walk in the summer with it being easterly facing

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