Whilst the rest of the country has been covered with a blanket of the white stuff, us down here in Devon have endured (rather than enjoyed) day after day of strong winds from the east and plenty of rain. This was another of those days, but we managed to pick a gap in the weather were it was just windy, cold and low cloud. Even during this break we still had a bit of mizzle as we walked back. This was a short section of the coastal path which needed filling in. We had walked to St Anchorite’s Rock last January, and this was the link back to Mothecombe beach, as I’d completed the section east of this with my brilliant Bigbury walk in May last year. This means I’ve completed the section from Slapton Sands around to Plymouth, which I’m pleased with, and hopefully this summer I can target areas further afield such as North Cornwall and Devon. This walk was a short drive away and Mothecombe is a very busy spot. Even on this inhospitable day there were 20 or so cars in the car park, which is free during the winter but a charge in the spring and summer. However we only saw two other people on our walk to the west along the coastal path, the weather for the rest of the weekend wasn’t great so I was pleased to be out with the boys enjoying the rough seas crashing against the rocks, in all weathers the coastal path has it.

Start – Mothecombe car park

Route – Mothecombe Beach – South West Coastal Path – Bugle Hole – Gull Cove – St Anchorite’s Rock – and back

Distance – 3.8 miles    Start time – 2pm    Time taken – 1hrs 45mins Highest Point – St Anchorites Rock 70 metres

Weather – Low cloud, mizzle, cold strong wind

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The Erme estuary from the car park. The trees on the left are where you start to cross the estuary if on the full 630mile walk. Its a wade through the Erme to this side.
Wonwell Beach and the estuary
Mothecombe Beach
Us and Mothecombe Beach
Tides out, Beacon Point across the bay
The beach hut ahead and the coastal path goes up behind it
The Erme estuary spilling out to the sea
On the coastal path, it was at this point that my phone died, so the rest of the photos from this point are by my eldest who did a fine job with his phone. The white water in the sea is Battisborough Island
Tankers are just visible out to sea and plenty of white water around
Stoke Point is the far headland
Waves are a crashing, up on the right hand side is St Anchorite’s Rock
We are now on our way back from St Anchorite’s which is behind us. Still cold
On the path back
My eldest has the artist touch, crouched picking out the yellow gorse and the dark brooding weather beyond. A faint outline of Burgh Island can be seen in the distance past Beacon Point
The tide is coming in and the sand is now covered as we round the corner into Mothecombe and the Erme estuary. If you look close there are surfers in the sea as they were on our way out
Selfie time
The last shot across Mothecombe beach, we’d had a good walk and by this point we were talking about beans on Weetabix and the merits of a weird breakfast!!

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