Pew Tor and a sunset

Having missed my annual trip to see the bluebells at Holwell Lawn, I was determined not to miss this outing for a sunset at Cox Tor/Pork Hill area. The really hot weather at the start of July gave plenty of evenings with the right sunset conditions, plus walking in the day would have been madness.…

Glorious sunset at Cox Tor

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it, I love the sunsets from Whitchurch Common. Whether you sit on Pew Tor, Feather Tor, Barn Hill or Cox Tor at this time of year the sun sets right next to Brent Tor, making for a stunning picture. There’s very little point me talking about…

Just the best sunset at Pew Tor

I’ll let you into a secret, one of the best sunsets you can get is from Barn Hill Rocks at this time of year. I’ve made it a bit of a pilgrimage to always try an evening walk, where a sunset is guaranteed, to this place around the summer solstice time. This place never fails.…

An evening around Pew Tor

I’d originally set off and gone to Wembury but I knew a better sunset would be had on Dartmoor, this walk didn’t disappoint in that respect. Good views and an orange glow around Brentor in the west lifted the spirits at the end of a hard day.

Pew Tor

Time for a no rush, easy walk from Pork Hill car park, with some lovely scenery but nothing too strenuous for a Sunday afternoon! Some new hills collected, shame that the sun only came out at the end but it at least meant that the ice cream van got some custom!