Pew Tor and a sunset

Having missed my annual trip to see the bluebells at Holwell Lawn, I was determined not to miss this outing for a sunset at Cox Tor/Pork Hill area. The really hot weather at the start of July gave plenty of evenings with the right sunset conditions, plus walking in the day would have been madness. So this walk is perfect. Now I’m not going to apologise for the amount of sunset pictures, trust me I had at least a dozen more I could easily have posted with these. This is easily one of my favourite walks of the year and this one delivered in the same way as previous years, plus it included a walk over to Vixen Tor, which isn’t something I’ve done for a long time now. Enough of me wibbling on and I’ll let the photos below do the talking.

Start – Merrivale Parking

Route – Pork Hill – Barn Hill Rocks – Vixen TorHeckwood Tor – Pew Tor – Windy PostFeather Tor – Pork Hill

Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 7.45pm   Time taken – 2hrs  Highest Point – Barn Hill Rocks 332m

Weather – Warm sun all around, oh and a sunset

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The view from the car park across towards Brent Tor in the distance, the sun will be setting near that in about 2 hours
First up is Barn Hill Rocks and the view down to Vixen Tor with North Hessary Tor (the mast), Kings Tor and Swell Tor behind it. It was at this point that I decided to head out to have a closer look at Vixen Tor
Bit of zoom down to Vixen Tor from Barn Hill Rocks, better look at Kings Tor behind and left on this photo as well
Descending towards Vixen Tor across some long grassed areas, which had dried out boggy patches mixed in. Looking across to Sharpitor and Peek Hill
And in the other direction towards Cox Tor with the Staple Tors to the right
The wall on the right here is as near as you can go to the main Vixen Tor outcrop. There are plenty of signs up along the wall to tell you of that. However there are some large boulders and outcrops which are part of Vixen Tor, not within the walls
So near and yet so far, time to head off towards Heckwood Tor
Not long after the last photo I’m on Heckwood Tor
Heckwood Tor, Great Mis Tor back left and North Hessary Tor and mast back right. Vixen Tor only a short distance away down there on the left as well
The tors here are very close together and before long I’m on Pew Tor as the light begins to turn a little golden across the moor and the shadows lengthen
Cox Tor right and Brent Tor away on the left
At the back of Pew Tor is this little lump of a hill which has Sampford Tor on its top, not today though as I had about 30 or 40 mins to get back to near the car
The avenue at Pew Tor
About half way back and I can now see how long is left of the day
Windy Post, there were people setup here with tripods and cameras with filters etc etc, all to photo Windy Post and the Grimstone and Sortridge leat in the setting sun. I took this one and moved on.
Just past Windy Post is Feather Tor. If you don’t head to Vixen Tor as I did you will probably visit here on the way out to Heckwood Tor
I’ve switched to a longer lens now and here can pick out the Tamar road bridge with the Brunel railway bridge behind it. Saltash is the town to the right of both bridges
Nearly there
Blurred background in the setting sun
More zoom this time into Cornwall. The big mast at the back is on Caradon Hill with the tin mine shaft on Kit Hill to the left
Nearly there, in truth the best place to line up the sunset and Brent Tor would have been up on Cox Tor, being well into July on this walk. But standing here on Pork Hill will do me.
Absolutely stunning
The church on top of Brent Tor silhouetted perfectly in these conditions
Nearly gone now
That’s all folks
On the drive home I stopped to have one last look back across to Brent Tor. In the middle distance far right is Pew Tor backed by a pink sky. A lovely walk as always, and there will always be at least half a dozen evenings like this each year to get a sunset like this. I can’t recommend it enough

5 thoughts on “Pew Tor and a sunset

  1. Superb stuff. Haven’t been able to fit in a sunset walk this year, not quite sure why. Is there a goodreason you can’t visit Vixen Tor as it looks great. SSSI or just an unfriendly landowner

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