An evening around Pew Tor

I’d originally set off and gone to Wembury for a walk but I knew a better sunset would be had on Dartmoor, this walk didn’t disappoint in that respect. Good views and an orange sunset glow around Brentor in the west lifted the spirits at the end of a hard day. I knew this would be a walk I would return to in the years to come to see this sunset again and again.

Start – Merrivale
Route Windy Post – Feather TorHeckwood TorSampford TorPew Tor – Whitchurch Common – Prowtytown Rocks – Merrivale
Distance – 2.5miles    Start time – 19.30pm     Time taken – 2 hrs    Highest Point – Heckwood Tor 321m
Weather – Sunny with a lovely ending
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Pew Tor 1

The Staple Tors from the walk to Feather Tor

Pew Tor 2

Looking back to the car park and Cox Tor behind

Pew Tor 3

Vixen Tor below with Kings Tor and Swell Tor to the right and North Hessary Tor and the mast behind

Pew Tor 4

Windy Post and Feather Tor just beyond

Pew Tor 5

On Feather Tor with Pew Tor in the distance

Pew Tor 6

Heckwood Tor now looking across to the pointy Sharpitor

Pew Tor 7

Vixen Tor again from Heckwood Tor

Pew Tor 8

I’d skirted around Pew Tor and then took this photo looking up at it from Sampford Tor

Pew Tor 9

Nice views from Sampford Tor although its more a collection of outcrops than a tor

Pew Tor 10

Plymouth Sound is over there in the haze

Pew Tor 11

Lovely vista from Pew Tor now with the sun casting some lovely light on it

Pew Tor 12

Left to right, Cox Tor, The Staple Tors and Great Mis Tor

Pew Tor 13

Looking west over to Cornwall

Pew Tor 14

Heading back to the car and a quick look back to Pew Tor

Pew Tor 15

Within a few minutes the clouds all formed up and the sun setting cast some fantastic light across them

Pew Tor 16


Pew Tor 17

Golden glow around Brent Tor

Pew Tor 18

Love a good sunset, this one from Prowtytown Rocks

Pew Tor 19

Glad I came, my 3rd sunset walk of the year and the best so far.


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