Just the best sunset at Pew Tor

I’ll let you into a secret, one of the best sunsets you can get is from Barn Hill Rocks at this time of year. I’ve made it a bit of a pilgrimage to always try an evening walk, where a sunset is guaranteed, to this place around the summer solstice time. This place never fails. The sun sinks right by Brent Tor giving you the photo you want! The whole walk takes no more than an hour and a half, you can take your time, the walk is easy with barely any ascent to speak of, its great for kids, in fact there’s not a bad point really. Just keep it under your hat otherwise it’ll get crowded. Seriously this is a fine place, but when looking at the sunset its just elevated that bit more to a special place.

Start – Merrivale parking
Route – Barn Hill RocksWindy PostFeather TorHeckwood TorSampford TorPew Tor – Merrivale Parking
Distance –  3 miles    Start time – 8.20pm     Time taken –  1hr  Highest Point – Barn Hill Rocks 332metres
Weather – Sunny, gentle breeze after a very hot day. The best sunset

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

I’ve arrived a bit late, but not too worry, the walking is easy and I should get back here for sunset. The sun is getting lower and a cool breeze has dropped the temp down to around 20 deg, which is nice!

Pew Tor over there on the right is my far target, I’m at Barn hill Rocks here

Yours truly in shadow, North Hessary Tor up on the left and Vixen Tor above me

Me again, this time with Sharpitor, the pointy one, to the right

Windy Post and the brilliantly named, Grimstone and Sortridge leat. Feather Tor behind

On Feather Tor looking to Cox Tor left and the Staple Tors right

Bit of zoom to Vixen Tor, with the mast on North Hessary Tor behind

Heckwood Tor to Pew Tor

Its with the zoom that you see how good Vixen Tor is, its a shame it is out of bounds. Great Mis Tor forming the backdrop

From Heckwood Tor across Walkhampton Common

Now on Sampford Tor looking to Shapitor and Peek Hill

The sun is lowering as I look to the hills of Cornwall to the west

That’s Brent Tor over there. the better photos come later

On Pew Tor now looking again to Cornwall

Turning around to see Cox Tor, the Staple Tors and Great Mis Tor (l to r)

North Hessary Tor and its mast

The sky turns orange and red over Cornwall as I walk back to the car, Bodmin Moor in the distance

The last of the sun catches Feather Tor and Heckwood Tor. Again Sharpitor and Peek Hill are beyond

Smoke from a fire in Tavistock, with Kit Hill on the left and Caradon Hill and mast centre. At this point I’d switched to the zoom lens as these hills are a distance away in Cornwall

Now we’re talking. Sunset and Brent Tor

A magic photo to finish as the sun sets next to Brent Tor, with its church on top


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