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A walk with the boys, well to be honest not just a walk but a trip to a pub to have some food after a walk. It shows how bad this year has been, when I see a trip to a pub as something to look forward to. The great news for me was that we wanted to have some lunch, something substantial as well, so we would clearly repress the virus by having the food. The walk was brilliant, we yapped, as we always do on walks. We enjoyed the surroundings and walked briskly on good ground. The walk around Burrator can be extended by quite a way, up towards Lowery Tor, Leather Bridge, Snappers Tor, Middleworth Tor, Deancombe Rocks and Sheeps Tor. Its such a varied area. But this route was fine for us. The time spent on the walk meant we were in the pub by 12.40, sat down and ordered. The food was brilliant and the pub itself is a real gem and well worth visiting. Boxes ticked.

Start – Burrator parking

Route – Claig Tor – Devonport Leat – Cross Gate Cross – Norsworthy Bridge – Longstone Manor – Burra TorBurrator Dam – Burrator Quarry Car park

Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 10.30am    Time taken – 2hrs Highest Point – Claig Tor 230metres

Weather – Mostly cloudy, bits of blue sky and some sun.

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It is absolutely arctic on Dartmoor today as you can see from our attire. I have 4 layers on, the boys 3 and my eldest at the back is doing his best assassins creed impression
Claig Tor, with Sheeps Tor peeking up on the right and Burrator reservoir in view on the left
My youngest on Claig Tor admiring the view
The Burrator Dam, its a wintry day on Dartmoor. The day before we had snow, but I was working
I’m on Yellowmead Down, or the track which used to be the old railway track to Princetown. Leather Tor on the left, Sheeps Tor on the right and Down Tor peeking up at the far end. The three tors are about the same height but from here they look all over the place
The point where the Devonport Leat drops through the drain and pipe and heads to Burrator reservoir
Alongside the Devonport Leat
Looking down to the reservoir
We carry on following the leat looking down to the reservoir, with Sheeps Tor always in view opposite
The boys admiring some steps within the leat which cause the water to speed up. It is at this point that the leat splits, one point heading along as we have walked, and the other dropping steeply downhill towards the reservoir
Time for a warming drink of tea and a view along the reservoir
We sat next to Cross Gate Cross
Still cold and we are still followed by the assassin
It brightened up a bit at this point as we walked down to Norsworthy Bridge. We could have carried on along the top past the cross and down past Leather Bridge but we wanted a decent walk and then a good bit of food.
Norsworthy Bridge with the River Meavy below
Heading back towards the dams, there are paths and tors to climb either side of this main tarmac track but we stayed on the tarmac for the majority of the way back
Longstone Manor, here before the reservoir obviously
The smaller grassy dam with blue skies above and Peek Hill in the distance. The wind was whipping across the water here and making it very, very cold
That’s the dam and Sheeps Tor up above
I’m at the larger more imposing dam, but I look up into the woods to see Burra Tor. Its a huge woodland tor and if the pub wasn’t calling I’d had gone for a proper look. But I’ve seen it before!!
Peek Hill and Leather Tor at the far end of Burrator from the dam
Looking down the other side of the dam, the River Meavy heading away
Plenty of noise as the water roars out of the dam end, we’d parked in the quarry car park so it was a short wander back to the car and as it was 12.20 it was pub time
The Meavy oak and the pub on the right. We ate very well in this brilliant pub. If you are in the area then the Royal Oak in Meavy would be a good choice

7 thoughts on “Around Burrator

  1. Did a walk on the tors around here a few years back after reading your blog. Lots of interesting stuff although we missed out on a walk alongside the leat which I always enjoy


  2. Used to bivvy in the niche under Cuckoo Rock. Tried a few times to sleep in the Pixie’s Cave on Sheepstor, but too uncomfortable!

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