Brat Tor and Arms Tor

Just prior to heading to the Lake District for our family holiday, myself and the boys had a chance to head out for a short walk. We chose the western side of Dartmoor as I don’t think the boys have been to these tors before, which is a big error on my part. The best part about these tors has to be the view west to Cornwall, long ranging views to Bodmin Moor and everything in between that and this part of Dartmoor. The walk itself is very simple starting at the car park behind the Dartmoor Inn (Lydford), then heading to Arms Tor via the stepping stones crossing. You can either head down from Brat Tor the way we did or return to the stepping stones and recross there. This one was perfect for us on this day, the weather not being great, although it did stay dry and warm. In fact there was a large family enjoying the River Lyd at Black Rock, a very good spot for a dip if you are in the area and the weather is warm.

Start – Lydford parking

Route – Lydford stepping stones and Bridge – Arms Tor – Brat Tor – Widgery CrossBlack Rock – Lydford parking

Distance – 3miles    Start time – 2pm   Time taken – 2hrs  Highest Point – Higher Tregantle farm 103m

Weather – Cloudy to start, sun in the middle around Tregantle Fort, then cloud to finish. Windy on the coast

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Starting out from the car park, dark clouds overhead but the views to Gibbet Hill on the left and Brentor are still good.
Our targets for today, Arms Tor left and Brat Tor right
The boys crossing the Lyd at the stepping stones, there is a bridge as well, but with the river being low at the end of July there is no worry crossing this way
Climbing up to Arms Tor and the views improve into Cornwall. The bridge and stepping stones are down there on the left where the paths converge
On Arms Tor looking to Brat Tor, back left is Great Mis Tor
Great Nodden looking like the heather is out on its slopes, the Corn Ridge up to the right, all from Arms Tor
Arms Tor to Cornwall
Now on Brat Tor, looking back to Arms Tor on the left and Great Links Tor standing bold and proud back centre. Obvious paths lead up that way
On Brat Tor, all smiles from the boys. Sharp Tor left and Hare Tor right at the back
Widgery Cross on Brat Tor
Our descent route from Brat Tor, you can make out Black Rock from here beside the Lyd
Black Rock, there were a few people in the water here
The memorial on Black Rock
Looking back up to Brat Tor with Arms Tor behind left. The pool which would be perfect for a dip below
Looking along the River Lyd towards Great Nodden
And to finish the walk a photo of the heather which was out on this walk in late July, plus the gorse which looks like the yellow flowers are starting to come out again. A lovely little walk, perfect for a couple of hours of your time

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