Arms Tor and Widgery Cross

The plan today was to head for Great Links Tor and possibly Bleak House and beyond if the weather was ok. However the forecast to clear up after midday did not materilise on the western side of Dartmoor. In fact some water must have been put down last night as it was running like rivers down the paths and the streams became impassable. Thankfully there is a bridge over the River Lyd meaning the stepping stones weren’t needed!! The cloud came down on Arms Tor and I decided to shorten the walk to Brat Tor only and then back to the car via a look at the swollen Doetor Brook.

Start – Lydford Gate
Route – River Lyd – Arms TorBrat TorWidgery Cross – Doetor Brook – River Lyd – Lydford Gate
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 12.00pm     Time taken – 2hrs    Highest Point – Arms Tor 457m
Weather – Showers, low cloud, rain, torrents of water underfoot! Mostly moist
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Brat Tor 1

Looking back along the track from the car park, Brent Tor middle left

Brat Tor 2

Arms Tor left and Brat Tor right

Brat Tor 3

Water already starting to run down the hills

Brat Tor 4

Looking across to Cornwall

Brat Tor 5

Sharp Tor and Hare Tor taken from a gloomy Arms Tor

Brat Tor 6

The cloud lowers on Arms Tor

Brat Tor 7

Great Nodden left and Little Links Tor up on the right, at this point Great Links Tor was in the cloud

Brat Tor 8

And then I was in the cloud

Brat Tor 9

After 10 minutes or so it broke and Brat Tor could be seen again, I decided to cut the walk short and head to Brat Tor next

Brat Tor 10

On Brat Tor with Arms Tor on the left and Great Links Tor now free from cloud

Brat Tor 11

Time to head down as the rain starts, the white spots are the swollen waterfalls on Doetor Brook. I could hear gunfire in the Willsworthy range here and could see the red flag on Doe Tor below

Brat Tor 12

Widgery Cross

Brat Tor 13

Doetor Brook in full spate

Brat Tor 14

The noise was loud here as the brook joins the River Lyd at the bottom

Brat Tor 15

River Lyd

Brat Tor 16

River Lyd bridge

Brat Tor 17

Arms Tor behind the River Lyd at the end of a very damp walk


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