Doe Tor, Chat Tor and Great Links Tor

Like most of the country we’ve had some wet weather down here in the South West, meaning my visits out have not been as frequent recently as I would like. It has also meant the ground underfoot has started to take on its more normal squidgy, boggy self. The other change since my last walk, around the Hameldown area, is the temperature. That day I was in a t-shirt, not today a fleece was needed and at times I was cursing not bringing gloves. Autumn is most definitely here, and on the high moor, with a wind blowing, it will feel more like winter from now on. Now this walk, and the area, is classic Dartmoor. This western side has some of the best long range views in the South West and most of the tors will have the view and are reasonably in reach from the car park behind the Dartmoor Inn (Lydford). Only if you plan to head beyond Green Tor will you be heading away from good obvious paths, this is a fine area for walking and you can add or take away tors to suit the length of walk you need. For me, I wanted to head up to Sharp Tor, then roughly across to Greak Links before returning past Smallacombe Rock and Arms Tor. All in all a good walk in some lovely territory.

Start – Lydford parking
Route – Black Rock – River Lyd – Doe Tor Brook BridgeDoe TorSharp Tor (Lydford)Chat Tor – Rattlebrook – Green TorBleak HouseLower Dunna GoatHigher Dunna GoatGreat Links TorLittle Links TorSmallacombe RockArms TorBrat Tor – Lyd Bridge and Stepping Stones – Lydford parking
Distance – 6 miles    Start time – 10.30am    Time taken – 4hrs 40mins   Highest Point – Great Links Tor 586metres
Weather – The odd shower to start, but cloud clearing with plenty of sunny spells, Windy.

© Crown copyright 2019 Ordnance Survey FL 2019 SF

Starting out from the car park, and whereas normally I would head to the stepping stones across the Lyd, I took a different path towards Black Rock

To the south west is Gibbet Hill and further right between the trees is Brent Tor

I’m stood above Black Rock looking at 3 tors that I will visit today. Brat Tor on the left is my last one, Doe Tor is furthest right and will be my next target, with Sharp Tor in between and on the agenda after Doe Tor

Looking north along the River Lyd from Black Rock to Great Nodden back right

Black Rock falls with Black Rock itself on the left bank

Some fine horns on show today

Doe Tor Brook bridge and the glaring sun shining on Brat Tor behind

I’ve reached Doe Tor now and I look along the outcrop to Hare Tor. I had thought about adding in Hare Tor but decided to keep to the plan and head next to Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor is behind the military flag pole on Doe Tor, Hare Tor to the right. Having had a few showers pass through the weather was definitely getting better

White Hill on the right hand side with Cox Tor and White Tor in the distance

Looking west from Doe Tor, this view is pretty much a constant all along this side of the moor

WD16. A war department stone which, back in 1903, marked the perimeter of the Willsworthy firing range. There are 46 stones in total (although number 17 is missing). That’s Brat Tor behind this one.

The endless view, this time from Sharp Tor, the stacks on this tor are very impressive

The wilderness behind Sharp Tor, with the horizon including Black Hill and Cut Hill. Fur Tor is also infront of Cut Hill for the keen eyed.

A broody looking Hare Tor

I’m now on Chat Tor, which is always a surprise to me considering its a fairly flat area with a small weathered rock just sticking up out of it. Most tors on Dartmoor seem to either be at the summit of a hill or on the side of a rise in ground. This one is in a large flat area as if dropped from above

Chat Tor up on the right as I walk down towards the Rattle Brook, the valley of the brook is seen wriggling away

I’ve crossed the Rattle Brook and reached Green Tor which is a good spot for a brew and a view of the Rattle Brook heading towards Tavy Cleave. Great Mis Tor is poking up on the horizon alongside the Staple Tors, Cox Tor and Roos Tor

Bleak House

A rainbow signifies another shower heading my way

Lower Dunna Goat with Chat Tor again on the right and Hare Tor behind it. Great Mis Tor is further away to the left

Looking to Green Tor and Bleak House from Lower Dunna Goat

Boundary Stone by Higher Dunna Goat, with Great Links Tor in the distance

Higher to Lower. The Dunna Goats line up with Great Mis Tor beyond

I’m almost at Great Links Tor now and I look across Woodcock Hill with Hunt Tor sitting on the side. The dark tors in the distance are the roof of Devon with Yes Tor on the left and High Willhays to the right

The Dunna Goats from Great Links Tor. The paths across this part of the moor are now pretty soggy, plenty of dodging and jumping over boggy areas needed.

Between the Great Links stacks to Hare Tor

The trig on Great Links Tor, looking down to Arms Tor and Brat Tor and Cornwall stretching away

The view to Hare Tor and beyond

Widgery Cross on Brat Tor with Gibbet Hill beyond the A386 behind

Great Nodden is behind Little Links Tor. There’s a fair drop and re ascent between the two

Smallacombe Rock can be seen down there as I leave Little Links Tor

Pretty much the same view as the previous photo but this time from Smallacombe Rock

Great Nodden on the left and the Corn Ridge back right from Smallacombe Rock

I’m on Arms Tor now with my last target, Brat Tor to the right. Sharp Tor and Hare Tor up on the left and in between on the horizon are Great Mis Tor, White Tor and Cox Tor

Some lovely light on Brat Tor as I look down to Doe Tor with Doetor Brook wriggling between me and it. The usual suspects of Sharp Tor and Hare Tor on the left

Widgery Cross on Brat Tor, built for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887. Arms Tor is beyond

Looking down on my descent route. I’m heading for the ford area middle right of photo

Widgery Cross one last time on Brat Tor

The stepping stones and bridge over the Lyd. Great Nodden is above the bridge and Arms Tor up to the right

Last shot as I walk back to the car. All three tors in shot have been visited today. Arms Tor left, Brat Tor in the middle and Sharp Tor back right. You can’t fail to have a good walk on this side of the moor, the views make sure of that.


9 thoughts on “Doe Tor, Chat Tor and Great Links Tor

    • Hope the man flu wasn’t too bad. As we know its a killer so hopefully you got lots of sympathy!! It was a good walk, all that side of the moor gives great views so you don’t have to venture too far to great some great views


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