Cuckoo Rock and Combshead Tor

First walk of a new year and one to hopefully take us to new places for some new adventures alongside old places with new people for some better adventures. I’m really looking forward to getting out this year and enjoying being out. This walk was done on New Years Day and as I type this…

Down Tor, Sheeps Tor and Yellowmead Stone Circle

A walk out of my most visited starting spot. I’m a fan of the tors out the back of Norsworthy Bridge, especially as Burrator is just so popular but 10 minutes after leaving the car there is nothing but silence and the odd sheep breaking the quiet. The summit of Down Tor is a great…

A long loop around Burrator

I fancied a nearby walk, but a long walk to go with it. This one fitted the bill nicely as I could lengthen and shorten this walk to fit the changeable weather, as it was the weather got better as I neared the end. By the time I was driving home the sun was cracking…


Another week and my second bus journey to Burrator, getting a habit this!! Not the weather I wanted but this is a great route, with tors, historic monuments and old farms to keep you interested. The only hard climb is to Eylesbarrow otherwise it’s all fairly simple going.

Combeshead Tor

Time for a quick walk up to Down Tor and then across to Combeshead Tor before descending to Cuckoo Rock. It was all in the name as I heard the first cuckoo of spring whilst walking back to Norsworthy Bridge!!